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Fill Your Writer’s Well ~ STILL Delighting in National Poetry Month, April 2020

fill you well National Poetry Month (1) 2020

With April abloom, we are more than midway through National Poetry Month. If you have been following along with Steps In Between, you know we are reveling in this event by sharing poetry from writers all over the world. Their names are listed below, but read on for a quick bit of well-filling inspiration…

POETS below in alphabetical order, their poems can be found at this link: 

Yvonne Brewer (Spring Sends Love Letters)
Ailsa Cawley (Crocus Chorus)
Celaine Charles (Just a Daffodil & Spring Hope)
Steven Fortune (The Sweetest Little Shower)
Marichit Garcia (Perspective)
Pamela Hobart Carter (Sky Glowers Stormy or Wafts Fragrance)
Alyssa de St-Blanquat (Silence)
Benjamin Hobbs (A Year in Proverbs, April)
Linda Imbler (Clear Window & What’s Not to Believe)
Ferris Jones (Monument & Song #19)
Kevin McManus (April the Awakening & Ostara, the Gathering of the Light)
Morgan Scott (A Lighter Boat)
Martha Silano (Spring)
April Thompson (Puddle At Her Feet)
Arleen Williams (Public Pool)

Our celebration continues! In fact, today’s short post is a little creative serum in which writers can rejuvenate. And, one of the ingredients is reading the work of others to help fill up your own creative well.

Let me explain…

Fill you well April 19 2020 the well storied podcast

I recently listened to a Well-Storied podcast from author, Kristen Kieffer, entitled, How to Recover from Writing Burnout. I recommend it because as much as writers know that burnout is real, and perhaps do not want to be reminded, there is a silver lining. She compares the feeling of writer’s block, or lack of creative inspiration, to our energy levels and the analogy of a well. Let’s face it, we are all spread thin these days. If we do not refill our creative energy, then our wells of inspiration cannot keep up with our demand on them.

Kristen Kieffer says, “As a writer, your most obvious source of creative consumption is reading. You come to know your craft most intimately when you consume the works of other writers.”

Beautiful art above by Rachel Byler, 

She goes on to list more ways to fill your well, such as getting outside, reaching out to creatives in the community, even taking care of your own mental and physical selves. If you listen to her short podcast, she details other ways to fill your writer’s well.

It is not a surprise, though, that reading is the first suggestion on her list. Writers need to read! Of course, it is important to read in the genre you wish to write, but any good writing…is well-filling!

Poetry every day for the month of April…is well-filling!

National Poetry Month

And, Steps In Between has been adding new poets and poems each week onto the post, National Poetry Month, Let the Words Roam!

This week, new poems were added by Linda Imbler, Ferris Jones, and me. As well, Irish poet, Kevin McManus has joined the party! I encourage you to visit and fill your creative wells by reading, sharing, and celebrating National Poetry Month 2020…even in the midst of isolation. May it stimulate creativity that overflows!

Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles, April 19, 2020

photo cartoon pic 2

Image and Content Credit: (The Well-Storied Podcast) (The Wishing Well by Rachel Byler) (Songbird painting by Rachel Byler) (Rachel Byler’s site, The Colorful Cat Studio) (well photo) (Let the Words Roam, National Poetry Month, Original Blog Post)


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