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Writing Road Trip Reflection (Exciting News)

Rearview Mirror Writing Road Trip

I am a goal-setter. Although to be honest, I don’t always look back and reflect. Sometimes I just keep going, setting new or abbreviated goals along the way. But today, with the accomplishment of one very important goal that’s pushed me to drive through long nights and torrential downpours, I have found reason to reflect. And I believe it is important to share for all the writers out there who are either stuck in traffic or driving cautiously down a twisting detour.

rearview mirror picture

The reason for the driving analogies is because two years ago, I began re-writing my fiction manuscript (that I had been writing for four years) and made a post in 2018, comparing my goal of publishing my book to a road trip. That post is linked here:

road trip painting by garth bayley

Art by Garth Bayley

Reading the above post will put the rest of this article into context.

Let’s just say, I have arrived at my destination! Grace be to God, I have been offered a book contract for my YA Contemporary Fantasy, Seam Keepers! I am elated and relieved and excited and encouraged and nervous and giddy and a mass of many more emotions. These reactions are escalated due to the fact, I stuck to my goal!

I stuck to my goal!

Did I want to give up at times? YES! Do I still have mountains to climb? YES! Am I already fearing negative reviews or that my book won’t be good enough? YES! But, from what I can deduct from this adventure, that’s all just part of the ride.

I have written several posts in the past about my focus issues, about finding time in my busy life to write, about rejections and wanting to give up. But, the one thing I am proud of is that I continued to do the work. I took the writing classes. I immersed myself in reading as a writer. I found myself an amazing critique group. And, although I did look back in that figurative rear view mirror to see many less ambitious rest stops, I kept moving forward down the road.

rearview miror sunset

I hope you do too! You can always look back, but never give up! Thank you, readers, for always being the support and encouragement I need. Seam Keepers won’t be out for over a year, as the publishing process is long, but as usual, I will keep you updated on my journey.

Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles, May 24, 2020

photo cartoon pic 2

Image and Content Credit: (CC July 18, 2018 Post) (Canva used with CC’s own pictures from her iPhone) (amazing art for previous post)

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  1. SO excited for you! This is amazing news!

    It is clear thought your blog posts that this triumph did not come easily and took an extraordinary amount of persistence. Congratulations!!

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  2. Congratulations! That is awesome.

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  3. Congratulations! Your persistence has paid off. Best of luck with your new venture!

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