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I am a Story Seamstress

I Am A Story Seamstress

Lately, I am more than writing. I am more than editing. I am more than revising my manuscript. Instead, I am concise, and direct, and intentional with every word on the page. This includes every word trimmed from the page, as well. As a story seamstress, I am doing just that with my manuscript, Seam Keepers; I am hemming up every scene, every page, every paragraph. Less is more. I’m letting specific nouns be the binding, accurately chosen verbs, the stitching. Everything else goes.

And somehow, with the alterations, my story improves.

I would have disagreed a few years ago. Every word I initially wrote was essential and worthy to grace the page. I’ve since learned the falsity in thinking that way. Sometimes the most beautiful words must go. But that’s okay. I created a landing page for my cut material, and later with my poetic nature, I will create something new with the leftover fabric.

Every turn in my journey to publish my book has been one of enlightenment. Every step of the way, I am continuously surprised in what I learn.

Writing a book is hard work.

Publishing a book is hard work.

Soon, I have no doubt marketing my book will be hard work.

Here I am with a publisher and deadlines, with words like filters and restructuring and streamlining character goals as my new vocabulary. And so, I am a seamstress of my story. Cutting, rearranging, reimagining, and buttoning it all up into something original and unique.

I don’t believe I can share exactly HOW to do this (yet) since I am still very much living it. But when I do figure it all out (ha ha), I will share. For now, my message is this: Perfection is overrated. Alterations can be beautiful. Just save all the scraps to make something wonderful and new.

For now, I snip and cut and sew.

Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles, August 9, 2020

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  1. I wish I was writing, it’s good to know the creative spirit is going strong with you. Keep writing!

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  2. I’m late responding, but this is so good… I never learned to sew, really. But maybe I am sewing words, too.

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  3. I agree. Writing can be hard. Need time, patience and proper mind. I like the words. “Seamstress of my words.” We are.

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