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Taming Time (a writer’s ongoing grapple)

With a title like “Taming Time,” I imagine myself with a chair and a whip. I’m lunging forward and back in a dance with a wild lion. An old turn-of-the-century circus fades in the background. Time takes on a tantalizing golden mane, but also visible are its four long canines, ready to rip.

What a dreadful image. Although I don’t know what’s worse…time itself, or me thinking I can tame it.

Readers who have followed me for any amount of time (ha – there’s that word again), know I have an ongoing troubled relationship with the ticking clock.

Then the world throws in daylight savings, and it’s enough to throw me into evil-superhero-villain-mode.

It could be that I’m just tired…and have been tired for the last decade. It must be an age thing, as I’ve grappled with this concept with more intensely these last ten years. I blame inspiration. I have so much to do, to write, to create, yet so little TIME!

I am fully aware it’s a similar curse for everyone. Though no one is given the same amount of years; we can all expect the same number of hours within each day. It is always interesting to see how others manage the beast. For me, the battle is mental, yet also physical. I need the sun. I need the daylight hours. I just need them later at night. And for them to tick at a slower pace so my insides can settle enough to achieve my desired outcomes.

I have no words of wisdom for my readers today, except to realize that time is a wild animal. Some days we are better at managing its ongoing pace. We can let it wander as its heart longs to roam through the savannah. Other days, we think we can lock it in, even on a large and lovely reserve.

(I’m laughing with a mouthful of coffee at my analogy right now.)

My best wishes go out to the creators in the world. I offer you motivation and daylight (or moonlight for some) with efficiency and intention. Yet, at the same time, I hope you find acceptance in the ability to let it all go when everything escapes (as it will).

Hopefully you will have another twenty-four hours to pick up where you left off. Sometimes time awaits your return. I love it when that happens…when I awaken with a mission to keep plugging away at the work I’ve chosen to accomplish. That’s when I know the universe is on my side…for now.

Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles, November 14, 2020

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  1. Loved this!!! Ha! You’re not the only one, Dear!!! Great post!!

    Rally loved it! Time is such a great topic and hard to use and capture in the way we would want to do.

    Here is a motto I love: “Life is too short to be anything but happy”!

    A couple of my pieces on time:

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  2. The amazing thing is that I’ve already written 38,000 words for NanoWriMo by getting up early every morning and by squeezing in more writing during lunch breaks, and even at night a few times when I’ve been so tired I could barely make it. Clearly, I can make time to write. This is a lesson. Thank you.

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    • I am so happy for you. I am with you all the way too. Last night I was exhausted. But I made myself sit down at my writing desk and ended up worked through some bumps in a chapter of a new piece I’m working on. I told myself I had to write for one hour. And I did! For me, I have to practically schedule it. I’m so glad you shared this! We have to encourage each other on. Cheers to more success!


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