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Thoughts for January…

After March’s isolation slipped into a suspended summer, and then a forgotten fall, winter arrived and slowed everything down. I’ve been quietly pondering the erratic passing of time over the year 2020, as many people have. It went by fast and slow all at the same time. Finally, it’s 2021. A new year to start fresh…or as fresh as any new year can be while it’s still stuck in the middle of the same blustery season.

I’ve decided to make resolutions again this year. I don’t always. Some years I simply want to carry on with the goals I’ve already set earlier in the year, usually in the summer. Right before August melts into September, when it’s still warm but the colors change; that’s typically my time to make life changes. I’m a teacher in my day job, so I suppose that’s the best focus time of the year for me.

Other years, I jump on board with the whole new year, new focus, set new goals customs. I write them down and work away at them until I forget…or August comes, and I set new-new ones because as previously mentioned, that’s what feels right with my schedule.

But this year, along with my August aspirations, I am feeling resolutions bubbling inside. I am in need of renewal in all facets of my life: personal, teaching, and writing.

To keep my goals simple and steadfast, I am reducing them to only a thought. One thought for each area of my life that I can think on like a mantra.

Personal: acceptance (Am I accepting who I really am, no matter what, and growing in love?)

Teaching: enrichment (Am I activating and enriching the love of learning for my students so they will remember they hold the power all on their own?)

Writing: progress (Am I continuing on the path of progress to create, without looking back at fear or loss of time, and instead, moving forward into the light of everything possible?)

As a writer on this platform, I will share a little more depth behind my writing resolution. With the author goals I’ve already established, I am wanting this idea of progress to take root as an extra boost. I think many writers tend to look at what they haven’t achieved yet and set goals to get there. However, what if we looked more at what we have accomplished already, and then rode that progressive wave forward?

What might happen then?

I believe that the success in small accomplishments have led (and will lead) to other small accomplishments, and then onto the bigger kind. So, this year, I want to focus on writing goals already established…but in the light of celebrating progress! Progress that will ultimately lead to more progress.

Just think, with this goal we get to celebrate all the time. And that sounds like a great mindset for creators out there!

Friends, I employ you to do a little soul searching to find a few truths you want to remind yourself of at the start of this new year. And don’t worry if you need to change them along the way. Each year is different, and 2021 will be whatever it’s going to be. But perhaps we can mold it in a direction we choose and direct the pace a little more ourselves…if we think on it enough.

Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing…even when you’re goal-setting),

Celaine Charles, January 3, 2020

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  1. Wonderful goals and advice! 😉

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  2. Progress … enrichment… good resolutions. Here we go.

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  3. Hi Celaine,
    Nice thoughts👏
    Happy New year to you☺

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  4. Happy new year and I hope you can mold 2021 into what you need it to be 🙂

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    Come and Enjoy!

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