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CC’s Poetry ~ 3 Winter Poems


There’s a bird outside my window

trilling at the snowfall,

unhappy in his day.

I wonder why he hollers

but then the world is covered

in white lattice flakes,

accumulated to a point of blinding

glistening flurry, demanding value

of appreciation and applause.

I pause because it’s lovely

to watch snow fall through the window;

picking up the pieces is the burden.

This bird knows the truth,

he sings his disapproval, and

I hum along as I shovel the drive.

~By Celaine Charles

One Day A Year

Unwrapped packages strewn the floor in a new

style of garland; anticipation, want, guilt.

Of course, they’re not the only decorations.

Those of eternal gratefulness shine

like tinsel in the morning light, along

ripped wrapping paper splattered

in cookie cutout patterns, as if Mrs. Claus

baked fresh gingerbread just inside the kitchen.

Aroma swirls the air, ascends with flavored coffee,

hot cocoa for the kids, French toast casserole,

and suspended moments where everyone comes

together to smile, to share, to forget the other

364 days of the year. To place one golden star atop

an evergreen tree; symbol of hope, regardless

of the mess on the floor, overflowing boxes

in the recycle bin, calories, and food waste.

They crowd countertops, but the table is set for dinner.

Candles are lit, and for one day may we ignore…forget

our sufferings. Join hand in hand with those who might

feel indifferent, or lonely, or concerned about a world

indifferent, lonely, and overwrought with worry.

For one day, may we pardon annoyances or snubs,

misunderstandings or long-held burdens…for one day

may we celebrate that we are alive together…

for another Christmas.

~By Celaine Charles


Red star of Bethlehem

blooms in the seam of winter.

As legend goes, the same

“Flores de Noche Buena”


“Flowers of the Holy Night”

grow crimson

under Season’s kiss…

~This is the only first stanza for the poem, Poinsettia, by Celaine Charles.

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