Steps In Between

Celaine Charles ~ My journey as a writer.


My Journal Of Fiction Progress:

Original 9/17 Message… (but SCROLL down for current updates below)

I have a YA/Fantasy novel, Seam Keepers. It is a complete manuscript sitting on my desk. I’ve had three sets of multiple beta readers, an editor’s eyes twice, and yet I am STILL tweaking it. I’ve gone back and forth between the idea of self-publishing (to take time and gain my reading audience), and traditional publishing (to gain support of the professional world). I have been researching agents, which scares me. I’ve rewritten my pitch and query letter a gazillion times (and they are still not right), and I can’t say I’ve ever finished a synopsis. I can’t figure out how to adequately write my 330 page book into something only three pages long. And so I sit… writing this blog instead.

I am currently working on my synopsis from the end, and working backwards to the beginning. This way, I am hoping to line it up with various other beginnings (from various other synopsis attempts), and finally have a completed product. Only then, can I possibly start querying agents… IF I decide to go that direction.

UPDATE as of October 29, 2017:

My backwards plan worked! I completed my synopsis and have been exchanging it with a writer friend who is graciously giving me advice. Thank you C.G. Hopefully, if all goes well, I will be getting it out to agents before the new year. With my luck, they will be taking the holidays off, and won’t be reading it until the new year… but such as life! I’m getting there.

UPDATE as of November 12, 2017:

I am officially sending Seam Keepers out to agents (slowly). GULP! I have no idea how it will be received. Also, I realize this is a s-l-o-w process, so it take a while. However, I am attempting to stay as positive as possible, and am already working on the second book, Dream Keepers. If all else fails, my beta readers have requested the next part of this 2-part series. I will do it for them (and me). I have plans for a third book in the series, but it will be more of a companion book, Internal Keepers. After that, I will be exploring new story ideas… because I just can’t help myself.

UPDATE as of January 18, 2018:

Dream Keepers, book two to Seam Keepers, is officially underway. I wasn’t inspired for a few months to write it… just not entirely sure of its direction. Then I took the advice of another writer friend, wrote the synopsis beforehand (the nemesis to my first book), and presto – inspiration sparked! Here we go again…

Small Change of Plans (March 25, 2018):

I have decided to take a break from querying (although I only sent my manuscript out to a small handful of agencies). The more I think on it, and finish reading other books on the craft of writing, the more I feel compelled to rearrange my beginning, as well as tweak some of my character arcs. I know it’s a little too soon to do such a big re-write when I  only called it finished a short while ago, but I can’t help myself. It’s an important part of myself, and I don’t want to release it until I feel 100% confident. And maybe that day will come, and maybe it will never come.  I can always make a few private copies for my beta readers and friends who have requested it. Perhaps that’s enough for me. My promise to myself is that I feel good about it, and so I will work until that state is achieved. Voila!