Steps In Between

Celaine Charles ~ My journey as a writer.

Seam Keepers

My manuscript is undergoing a massive “Rewrite” – because I couldn’t help myself! So even the beginning (posted below) has changed quite dramatically. But, I’m learning as I go. More specific updates can be found on my Projects page. Check it out. And thanks for your patience and support. Please do check out my Colors Series on This will encourage me as I work to complete Seam Keepers. And thank you to my sweet supporters and followers already. You make my day, every day!

A Poem for Ashton and Mason:

It is Time

Love spreads comfortable wings

around knowing hearts,

perhaps unknowing,

only wanting

in desperation.


Secrets     hopes     wishes

upon stars lost, on course,

meandering aimlessly

until time decides

it is time.

A little sneak peek at the beginning…

Ashton followed the line of her pencil, virtually moving on its own accord. She didn’t think when she sketched, her hand always doodled the same oak tree. The same knotted trunk bound to the other eleven, making its bulk unusually wide. But lately, as she drew in the oversized limbs, they seemed to flail in the illusion of air, wrestling something invisible. Something undrawn birds watched through shaded branches. Their songs a riddle about her future. Their glare a reminder. The one person always there for her would soon be gone.

Beta Readers Are Amazing

A friend reading one of my many Seam Keeper drafts. Thank you to all my beta readers.