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Wednesday Whims Of Poetry

Wednesday, that mid-week, hump-day of hope the weekend is near…and the perfect day to share a few poems! These will change from time to time, week to week, season to season. So enjoy them while you can! All works by me, CC, with love and encouragement!

Beloved Foxglove

Beloved foxglove

lights the way,

tributes above 

cowslips and daisy.

Her bells sound

to special folks,

“Welcome, welcome,

make way…”

Sentinel, she stands,

bowing before:

the spiritual, the fairies…

Silent fireworks.

~By Celaine Charles

Birdsong at Dusk

Birdsong at dusk—


Vibrant notes carry on

as if to record the day

in a big bound book

of time.

~By Celaine Charles

Whisk Me Away Blue Sky

Whisk me away blue sky,

wash over me with colors,

of phthalo sapphire blue.

Hide me in a cloudy

brushstroke, framed

in white-washed wood,

set behind glistening glass,

hung by a window

west facing, so I slumber

blanketed by warm amber

sunsets and tucked inside

my earthly bed, goodnight.

~By Celaine Charles