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Writing With the Rain


write with rain 5

Photo Credit: Unsplash, also from Justice Poetic

I am writing with the rain this morning. The house is quiet, as still as the cup of coffee steaming at my side. At the moment, it’s a calmness quite far from the workings in my mind. As a writer of poetry and fiction, a teacher of young students, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend…I feel overwhelmed today.

write in the rain 2

Art by Carol Robinson, Morning Abstract Blue

Tranquil time is hard to come by with my schedule, even harder with the level of responsibility…or guilt I place on myself. The more I creep in age; the less time and energy I have to accomplish the great feats I wish to achieve. This is my own desire to create and experience life to its fullest. I want and choose to appreciate the opportunities given to me. But I often feel small in this big voracious world. One shot. What do I do with it? How do I prioritize the contents of my life? What should I do first? What can wait?

Which question should I tend to when they’re all splattering around me? And it’s only eight o’clock.

write with rain 1

Art by Chris Duffett, Grey Monday Misty Morning

Although (insert deep breath) with a soft gray morning, and most of my family out of town, the unwinding of my day is up to me. Alongside rests my never-ending to-do list of chores and work and need-to’s and wants and don’t forget’s. So, this morning, I stayed in bed a little longer.

After finally rousing, I brewed a French press of decaf (longing for caffeine). I stared outside my window at a lilac bush, once spouting magenta sparks. As rain dropped its soft rhythm along the fence posts and aluminum gutters, I couldn’t help noticing the blackness of the aged flowers. How they’d curled into dried up bunches that couldn’t weight a thing, yet still appeared to pull the branches down.

write with rain dead lilac picture

The lilac bush I wish I’d pruned properly, iPhone 🙂

Is my day of uncertainty equal to this Syringa’s future blooms? The deadheading I was supposed to ensure for fresh blossoms next spring, never crossed off my list. We never know what tomorrow will bring. And I’ve written before about doing the best I can with my long-growing list of to-do’s. It’s remembering my own advice as I sit in the quiet, seeking direction in my day, already filled to the brim with expectations.

I think I’ll brew another press of decaf. Maybe wander back to bed with a book and listen to the rain fall.

write with rain 4

Writing Advice: Reading Break

I’ve preached before about the benefits of reading like writers and writing like readers. This simple motto comes from almost every writing curriculum I’ve taught as an elementary school teacher. And it works!

Today I encourage you to find a good book and settle in amid the storyline. Read to learn what the book is doing well (and maybe what it’s not). Whatever you do, rest with the pages awhile before inspiration returns you to your own writing.

It’s still raining…I’ve been here reading. Maybe it’s time to wander over to my desk. 😊

Happy Writing (because reading counts as writing),

Celaine Charles, October 20, 2019

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My iPhone (dead lilac picture) (Chris Duffett art, Grey Monday Misty Morning) (Chris Duffett website) (Carol Robinson art, Morning Abstract Blue) (rainy window image from Jenny Justice (Justice Poetic) site, photo credit: Unsplash – (read in bed)


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25 replies

  1. I know how you feel here, it’s wondering what you’re meant to do or be. I hope you enjoyed the time in bed 🙂

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  2. What a great post!!! Loved your little journey and inner thoughts from one cup of coffee to the next — Bellissimo!! So many wonderful thoughts, tips and advice! Life crowds in if you let it, and sometimes there are no real “good” choices, but sometimes there is more room than we think. You appear to be a superwoman of multi-tasking (like most women – actually), but I might suggest taking advantage of the smart phones audio recording ability to capture the dead time while commuting/driving and other times of having to wait. I would suggest you check out writing – Elfchens. Just eleven words, fun and easy to do (and record) and at least with them you can always keep up a string of writing something everyday of the year! The other thing is – your health first, family next and then find what you love and do it!

    Here is a quote you might want to post on the bathroom mirror to nudge you everyday – “What have you done today to make your dreams come true?” Again, thanks so much for a super post!!

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    • Wow, thank you! This is great advice. I am a bit of a massive-multi-tasker. Ha Ha!

      I have tried using the audio recording on my phone and it is helpful. I just forget to use it. So – good reminder.

      Also, I just checked into an Elfchen. I am definitely trying that out. I love poetry challenges. Love them!

      And…what a fabulous quote. Thank you for that! You are a dear! I’m so thrilled you liked my post and grateful for your ideas. As I always say, we must continue to lift each other up. Take care!!

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      • Thank you so much for your sweet response!! I usually can think out an Elfchen while driving, counting out the words and then recording it at a stoplight. Happy to hear you are going to check out the Elfchen. I really love them.

        I love that quote from Eleanor Roosevelt and the quote about your dreams. Help to keep you focusing on your goals and facing your fears/challenges! Loved your comment at the end about lifting each other up!! Awesome! I think that is a great seed of inspiration for you to start a post on??? Maybe???

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      • If I’ve responded twice, forgive me. I had some internet issues. 😬

        I will keep you posted on my elfchen. Too fun to pass up. I actually refer to lifting each other up a lot on my blog. I love sharing writers with writers and encouraging each other. I have a “Poetry Friends” page on my blog: If you might be interested I would love to share a piece of your poetry. Just let me know. Thanks for the great conversation. I love love love talking about writing and artists and all the parts of our crafts. Take care!!

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      • I did it! I tried an Elfchen! Here it is on my poetry page: Thanks for the inspiration!

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      • Yes, I agree by lifting others up. Kind of why I reblog? Happy you like the quote! I think you may come to love Elfchen. They are easy and fun to write when at a stoplight or freeway traffic.

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  3. I swear you’re so good at describing things

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  4. I really enjoyed this, and can relate to the rain.
    Since the end of August, it has rained almost every day here in Beetley.
    And as I type, it is pouring down again. 😦
    Many thanks for following my blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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