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Seam Keepers

My YA Fantasy is coming soon! Expected release date: 2021 (The Wild Rose Press)


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Colors Collected, by Celaine Charles

Colors Collected is a poetry debut from Pacific Northwest writer, Celaine Charles. Gathering thirty-one poems from her online poetry series, Colors, she has also penned new pieces to complete this picturesque book. Her hope is to inspire a celebration of color in her readers, encouraging them to slow down and notice the world around.

Celaine’s poems include whimsical insights about everyday life, from the softest shades to the boldest tints, to the wonderings of a world with no color at all:

 If I write these words, will they

be remembered?

Will children one day find

a poem about a tree,

and wonder

at the vibrant color

described in a verdant forest glen?”

So far, I am #31 in Best Sellers in poetry by women! WOW – Thank you supporters!


Dime Show Review Anthology

Dime Show Review Anthology, Volume 3, Issue 1, 2019

Thank you to Kae Sable for including my poem, The Secret to Life (From the Back of my Mind). What an honor to be recognized among all these amazing writers and poets!


Colors (online poetry series)

Below is the link to my online poetry series, Colors, hosted by This is where the inspiration for my poetry chapbook, Colors Collected, arose. The series won three awards in 2018 – Best New Poetry Series, Best Continuing Series, and Best Poetry Series. All subscriber proceeds are donated to Mary’s Place (supporting children and families facing homelessness) through Channillo Charities. 

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Colors: (Colors Series on