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Celaine Charles ~ My journey as a writer.


My name is Celaine Charles, and I am a want-to-be-writer… no scratch that. I am a writer. There is a certain power to words mixed with even a hint of inspiration. They stir up my insides until I give them freedom on a blank page, on a new document, or sometimes on the back of a receipt or napkin. I’ve finally given into this writing side of myself, and with it comes sharing. The idea of sharing pieces of myself with the world is a vulnerable place to be. So, I have begun this blog as a place to stand and gain my strength. I hope there are some writers out there who may feel similar sparks in their own lives, and wish to join me on this journey.

Some recent accomplishments: My motivation and confidence was stirred by participating in the Tupelo Press 30/30 Challenge. I wrote and shared poems every day for the month of February, 2017. From there, I started sending poems out to a few publications. I have two poems in The Seattle Star, after a fun “joint-poet” collaboration. I have three poems inspired by my vacation time at Priest Lake, Idaho on Nature Writing, Three poems from June 19, 2017.  One poem was picked up from there, Moon Takes the Stage, and shared on a poetry radio show, SpiritplantsRadio, Where the Most Light Falls with DJ Tamara. A very special honor, I was a finalist for poetry in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association literary contest in July 2017. Finally, I have a poem forthcoming in The Sunlight Press. More details soon. It’s been a good debut year. Here’s to continued growth in 2018!

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Celaine Charles