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Celaine Charles

My name is Celaine Charles, and I am a want-to-be-writer…no scratch that. I am a writer.  And finally, after traveling the long and winding road to publishing, I am an author. For the last several years, this site has been my journey in writing, a place to gain my strength, and where I’ve shared all I’ve learned about my craft. Now it’s become a platform to showcase my travels to authorhood, and to offer some spectacular souvenirs with other writers who might feel similar sparks in their own lives. I invite you to join me on this adventure!

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My YA Fantasy, Seam Keepers (The Wild Rose Press) is available now!

My poetry chapbook, Colors Collected, is available on Amazon:

Colors Cover official Amazon pic of Colors book

My award-winning online poetry series, Colors, hosted by (all my subscriber proceeds are donated to Mary’s Place, for children and families suffering homelessness, through Channillo Charities.

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My Official Bio:

Celaine Charles lives in the Pacific Northwest where she teaches elementary school, writes fiction and poetry, and blogs about her writing journey on Steps In Between.

On the fiction side, her YA Fantasy, Seam Keepers, launched May 12, 2021, though The Wild Rose Press, and has since earned a couple of awards (in November, 2021, a first place gold award in the category of YA/Fantasy/Sci-fi through Moonbeam Book Awards, and in July 2022, a third place award in the category of paranormal through NEST, National Excellence in Story Telling). The audio version, narrated by Jillian Yetter, will be available late fall 2022!

Celaine is currently drafting the sequel, Dream Keepers, along with a brand-new YA Contemporary Fantasy, Life Song, and working on a children’s book project, along with new poetry.

Her novella, Stained Glass Secrets and Star Wishes, a paranormal, holiday, romance releases November 16, 2022 through The Wild Rose Press, Christmas Cookies Series.

On the poetry side, Celaine’s book, Colors Collected, debuted in August 2019. This book stemmed from her online poetry series, Colors, hosted on Channillo, and was awarded Best Continuing Series, Best New Series, and Best Poetry Series for the 2018 Channillo Awards. In addition, she has published poetry with other various presses.

When Celaine isn’t writing, she can be found with family and friends, or hiking among the trees and flowers in her beautiful evergreen state.


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