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April’s First Sunday ~ Poetry

It’s the first Sunday in a new month, so that means I’m promoting my poetry page.

However, it’s also the first Sunday in April 2018, which means it’s Easter… and April Fool’s Day. What a day!


Happy Spring 2018!


April Fool’s Easter

Is it not remarkable

to spend this day,

the day He is risen,

on a day where doubt

sneaks and creeps

around corners

and behind doors?

Where pranks are celebrated

with the Bunny and

the Savior


God, in deed,

has a sense of humor.


Writing Advice: Find the Humor

Find something you’ve written that initially feels angry or sad. Of course, you can leave it that way if it fits in your creative works. But, for fun (or a great writing warm-up), rewrite it with a little hidden sense of humor or sarcasm. How did it change the voice or style of the piece as a whole? How did it change your attitude? It’s Easter and April Fool’s Day – have a little fun!

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Flower pictures – my iPhone 🙂

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  1. Funny poem. And great advice.

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  2. Beautiful poem


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