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Writing Causes Mixed Emotions: Reach Out

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Writing can cause mixed emotions. There should really be warnings about mood swings, stomach pains, and anxiety that can occur when writers write. Each day… hour… moment can feel atypical in the practice of writing. The key factor for me is to continue reaching out to other writers. I’ve discovered I thrive on the encouragement. And, it may be that our support of each other holds more power than we know.


One morning, after feeling overly frustrated with my writing endeavors, I happened upon a video clip. A member in one of my writing groups posted it to encouraged others, as she had found it motivating. It was a short message about never giving up. I’ve listened to videos like these before, but this one came just at the right moment for me (divine intervention, perhaps). It was a video clip from Author, Abbie Roads, posted on July 19th, her video for the #Rita Awards Ceremony. Abbie Roads is a writer of paranormal romance suspense, and although a different genre than I write, an author who started out as a struggling writer.

abbie roads

Abbie’s short video message was more than inspiring. It related to what I imagine many writers are feeling at times – not good enough. She shared about a time she was on the brink of giving up when the positive words from one writer-voice pushed her back on track. Her happy ending was impactful, the very manuscript that had been torn down from other writing sources was finally accepted and published (without making a single change). Now, she’s gone on to write more books and reaches out to support struggling writers to persevere. Her video ends with these simple words, “So don’t give up, no matter what, don’t give up.” Abbie awards her success to that one voice, a judge in a contest in which she did not place, who took the time to reach out to her.


Writers need each other.

This was the perk I needed to get off my sofa (a place Abbie also found herself at a time) and get back to my rewrite. As I sort out the many twists and turns in my story, creating an entirely new manuscript, I will look ahead with blinders on. My task is overwhelming and feels uncomfortable at times, but I must press on. I will sip on herbal tea to find comfort. I will seek out the writing voices of others. And I will accept the hands reaching out to help me cross the finish line.


Thank you, online writing groups, for all the posts and words of encouragement. In the isolating business of writing, it’s the antidote I need to ease the pains of this work. Maybe that should be written on the figurative prescription bottle of this career choice: may cause mood swings, stomach pains, and anxiety; seek out a writing community for comfort and mental stability.

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Writing Advice: Keep Writing

I often tell my students to write a bad sentence to find the better one. Write a terrible, embarrassing poem to find the beautiful meaningful one. Write a horrible version of your story to form it into the final one you’re proud of. This advice is easier said than done, but it’s worthy of following at the same time. And though I’ve written on this topic before, it’s clear many of us (including me) need the reminders.

Write every day, no matter what.

If you can’t write anything, go back and revise something you’ve already written. Just spend time with your work each day. Nurture your words and see what grows.

And for goodness sake, share your struggles and celebrations online with your writing community. If you need one, friend request me on Facebook. I’m growing my community and feeling supported in the arms of some incredible writers. I can’t encourage you enough to reach out. Happy Writing!

~Celaine Charles, July 22, 2018

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  1. Much needed … thank you. You don’t know it, but you’ve come into my life at a critical time for my writing. I’ve been wavering.

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