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Happy First’s ~ August is Six Months ~ Poetry

Awesome happy 6 months anniversary inside Happy 6 Month Anniversary Pictures

Happy First’s ~ August is Six Months of Wednesday Whims of Poetry!

It’s my six-month anniversary of “Poetry-First’s,” meaning six months ago I began dedicating the first Sunday of every month to my poetry page at this same Steps in Between site. The page is entitled, Wednesday Whims of Poetry. Since I don’t post each poem as an official blog-post, then once a month I like to pull your attention away from my Sunday writing-journey to the page. This way you can start at the top and scroll down a few poems to find (hopefully) a range of my work.

Wednesday Whims of Poetry:

A few goals for my Wednesday poems are to stretch myself and try new forms, thoughts, and passions. I invite my Facebook followers each week but hate inundating blog-follower emails with multiple messages. So, aside from my weekly Sunday articles, I use the first one of every month to invite you to experience my work.

So, go check it out:

This week you can find poems on….

Grandma Benner 1934 Grad PicA poem in honor of my grandmother’s birthday, also published in the Dime Show Review.

shark Great White

A Great White hunting  (in honor of Shark Week)…


The glares of revision, something all writers deal with…

Dorothy Napangardi working

Amazing aboriginal artist- Dorothy Napangardi…

flag art

And three poems about Independence Day (as I was struggling with the state of our country).

Of course there are more, I believe I’m up in the thirties now in number. The table of contents is not fully complete, though you can scroll from the top down for my newest work. I hope something speaks to you.

Thank you to those who leave reactions and advice in the comments below. I love interacting with you as often as I can. Cheers to poetry, as I believe we can find meaning in it no matter who we are, or even how comfortable we are with the genre. I strive to write poetry for everyone. Happy Six Months, and ENJOY!

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