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December’s First Sunday ~ Souls Searching Poetry

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The month of December is magical. Whether you celebrate a cultural holiday or not; winter is upon us. There’s something quietly enchanting about that. As always at “Steps In Between,” the first Sunday post of a new month is saved for the celebration of poems. I am honored to share my Wednesday Whims of Poetry with you: (

Please visit, share this page, and stay a while. Let your soul settle in and find the magic of a moment. There’s more than “Wednesday Whims…” I have pages of “Poetry Friends” and updates about my “Writing Projects.” I would love to share my space with you during the upcoming quietude of winter.

My poem inspired by the turning of the calendar…

December poetry post

December’s Claim


December falls softly

without footfall, without tracks,

to break the calm in the night.


December grips windows

without disclosure to the panes,

calligraphy espied by dawn.


December spreads claim

without care to the canvas,

graffiti in silvery light.


By Celaine Charles, December 2, 2018

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Image & Content Links: (Wednesday Whims of Poetry) (frost on glass) (snowflake art)


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  1. “December grips windows

    without disclosure to the panes,

    calligraphy espied by dawn.”

    So beautiful, Celaine.

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