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Writers – A Walk Down Memory Lane

I took a walk down memory lane in my “STEPS IN BETWEEN” blog to discover my own advice from a post last December. I believe it is still valuable and worthy of reading today. My hope for all creators is to continue soul-searching, finding strength, and using everything they’ve got for the good of their craft. Happy Holidays!

My December 2017 Post:

walk down memory lane TICKET

Writing Advice: Throw-Back Third Sunday of the Month – Time To Take Another Ride

Let’s punch that holiday ticket again, and follow the new advice I’ve added to my post from last year. At the time I published the article in 2017, I wasn’t adding weekly writing advice. So, I think you’ll enjoy the ride, or at least find it useful in a holistic way. That’s my continued wish for all of my readers today. Thanks for another holiday of support. (writing advice is at the bottom of the original post)

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