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Humble Success & Gratitude

humble thank you

I’m coming to you at another unscheduled time (Saturday of all days) to report back good news:

Colors celaine charles book cover Orange name2-01

Thanks to you, my amazing readers and followers, I have won in all three of my nominated categories at Channillo. My “Colors” poetry series has won BEST ONGOING SERIES, BEST NEW SERIES, and BEST POETRY SERIES. I couldn’t be more thrilled… yet at the same time, humbled and grateful for the growth I’ve experienced this year.

humble 1

I owe this all to you, as winners were chosen by reader-votes. Thank You! I am using this positive energy to pulse me onward in my journey to develop as a poet and writer.

photo cartoon pic 2 ~ By Celaine Charles, December 29, 2018

humble 2

Image Links: (My Colors Poetry Series)

Thank You Kind & Generous Souls

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  1. This is the most fabulous news to end the year with. I’m proud of you, my friend, and happy.

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