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New Sun Rising ~ Poetry in a New Year

It’s not only the first Sunday of a new month, it’s the first Sunday in a new year. As always with Steps in Between, this is the time in my writing journey I share my poetry. I reach out to test my footing, to see how far I’ve come. If I can’t continue to grow in my craft, then am I here at all? Are these ghost hands simply scribing empty thoughts?

My intention when I began “Wednesday Whims of Poetry” wasn’t to self-publish perfect pieces of work, to routinely pump out another poem, but rather to challenge my range. My Wednesday Whims poetry page!

I feel a new sun rising in this new year. It might be that I’ll reach a significant milestone on my upcoming summer birthday, but the beauty of significance is bright. I have some new dreams in all areas of writing, though especially my poetry, as that’s what I bleed.

I hope to reminisce. I want to remember all the moments of my past; good and bad. I want to use those memories to create powerful pockets of foundation in which to build a legacy for my children, and their children, and theirs…

Life has been quite the professor for this abandoned, adopted, always-searching soul. If I could shine a ray of hope into the heritage I’ve begun with my own children, it would be that life always goes on. It’s always for a reason, even when we’re off course.

And it’s always special. Each soul on this Earth is special.

My Human Gift to Offer


I’ve cried many tears in my years, as everyone has.

There is no perfect past because we’re simply human.


That’s it. That’s all. Humans are intelligent beings, of course,

though they fail again and again in what little time


they’re gifted. Never satisfied. Never slow down to feel

the blood run its course through delicate frames,


bodies easily damaged. Even the strong wither away in the end.

And some fall far too soon in their journey, unfairly leaving


empty spaces in the hearts of those who dare to love

in a heart-wrenching time. So tender are we humans.


Although because of this– this unescapable truth,

I feel full of gifts to share, to spread with wings a wisdom


that’s guided me, not so I could save such fragile souls,

but that I could lift up even one for a moment… in time.


~By Celaine Charles, January 2, 2019

photo cartoon pic 2

Image Links: (art by Sara M. Novenson) (sculpture by Antony Gormley)



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  1. What a wonderful beginning to the year. Thank you for your beautifully articulated sense of hope about writing and about life.

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