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Sad Chapters ~ February’s Poetry Celebration


Sad Chapters

Jeannie Lynn Paske’s Obsolete World (link below)

Can we skip the sad chapters in life? The heavy-laden story arcs that need developed for substance?

The crucial contradictions to the good parts of a lifespan … in order to appreciate all we have… is more than distressing.

I choose not to read sad stories. I refuse to watch depressing movies. I protect myself and my heart from breaking as much as humanly possible. Surrounding myself with everything positive has always been the plan. Yet here I am.

It’s the first Sunday in a new month, always a poetry celebration here at Steps in Between. And as time marches forward, so do I (happy about it, or not). I only wish to forewarn you of the heavier subject matter in these last four weeks of verse. I suppose the underlying theme of hope weaves through each of them. That’s the sentiment I wish to stir in my readers today.  (My Wednesday Whims of Poetry on Steps in Between)

As always, I keep on keeping on, and am thankful for the growth of each season in life. I wish you a celebration of writing in all you are processing at the moment.

Sad Chapters


Those pages where

the story unfurls

in slender crinkled



reach for tender

blue veins,


under neckline skin,


tighten their clasp

between cravings—


reading more


or hide

tear-rimmed eyes

behind creases

in elbow bends.


The sad chapters,

never skipped

or overlooked,

in the end


create the framework—

a footing

for which hope

can stand.


~By Celaine Charles, February 3, 2019

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Image and Content Links: (Celaine Charles, Steps In Between – Wednesday Whims of Poetry page) (Jeannie Lynn Paske’s Obsolete World)

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  1. I think it’s important to experience sadness in order to become more authentic and more compassionate. Thank you for your beautiful posts.

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