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Writing Streamlined


Time is limiting. Yet, I’m always looking for new ways to organize it, or use it more efficiently. Last week I shared my need to rest. My body demanded a halt in my writing in unflattering, forceful ways. I blame my husband for the virus, but my down time was enlightening. My aging body is changing, and so therefore, my time. Since I can’t sustain the energy to carry out every single goal I have (the number is high), I can streamline.

It’s time to finish something.

According to my dictionary app, “streamlining” means to present with little resistance to a flow, increasing speed and ease of movement. It also means to make more efficient and effective by employing faster or simpler working methods; a line along which the flow of a moving fluid is least turbulent. Synonyms that accompany this word are smooth, slick, elegant, graceful, faired, and efficient.

These are not words that describe my writing process in the least. I’m constantly jumping from one idea to the next. Riding the wave of inspiration to completion (that doesn’t always come).

I’ve shared before my compulsion to revise. In reality, it’s fear mixed with I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing mixed with good ole, “I want to write well.” I’ve considered just being a reader again. I love reading new and interesting books. I’m even venturing out of my typical genre and falling in love with all kinds of writing. Unfortunately, every time I read a book that moves me, I feel the urge to write one myself.

Why? I wish I could answer that.

streamline car

When I googled the word streamline, many silvery sleek images appeared; locomotives, boats, trucks, cars – it was all about transportation. It makes sense, I suppose, if I want to streamline my way to completing a project, then a fast ride in the right direction would be helpful. I’m just not sure how that equates in artistically creating a piece of work. But perhaps I can look at it like this: It’s not that I want to speed my way through a project. It’s that I want to get to the ending. The only way to get there is to keep pressing on. For me, this is ignoring that inner call to redo or change the process of my steps. I tend to stop midway (many times) to rethink and reorganize how I work. When what I need to do, is simply finish what I’ve started, because this way – it’s done.


Then I can give myself permission to go back and tidy up (with perimeters… this will most likely be another article).

streamline train

Now, as I mix up my joy in reading, my urge to write, and this time-train chugging down the tracks; it’s time to finish a project. I can’t say I won’t change my mind later, but for now, it’s time for me to choose one undertaking, finish it, and put it out there, hoping my passion streams through.

I have to believe I will find my tribe, as I’ve learned from other authors and artists. They are out there. I must prepare myself for the voices that will say nay and keep pushing through until I hear the voices singing yay.

Now, when my mind flutters to a million other things, I picture myself on that silver flow of forward motion. “Finish first,” I hear myself say, “finish first.”


Writing Advice: Don’t Look Back Until the Last Word Drops

My advice today is to choose a project you’re working on and just work on it. Don’t look back, don’t stop. Set a timer, if you must. Work it forward. Keep going a little longer when you want to give up or stop. Imagine yourself on sleek yacht cruising through blue waters, a speeding silver bullet train, or sun-blinding RV plowing down the interstate. Books don’t write themselves. So, for today (and tomorrow and the day after that) just keep writing.

~ By Celaine Charles, February 17, 2019

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  1. I really, really needed this message. I’m not doing much writing. I need to be re-writing parts of my dissertation. Streamline!

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