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Fly Away…July Poetry 2019

The first Sunday of each month is always a poetry celebration. And today, with a summer breeze, come two dancing souls ready to delight. I happened upon these western tiger swallowtail butterflies in my yard this afternoon and couldn’t resist the inspiration.

Enjoy the poem below along with my Wednesday Whims of Poetry page:

Courtship to One Hundred (Dance of the Western Tiger Swallowtail)

Courtship sways on blossom-stained breeze,

warm and right for possibility, for chance.


Desperate timing in each flutter, each turn,

she flits, he darts until together settled.


Noontime sparkles, like fireflies flash

under moonlight, yellow painted strokes


search their destiny in labyrinths of leaf

and sky, and meddlesome onlooker…


hailing their dance as if their futures

didn’t depend on only two


of one hundred tiny eggs, singly set

upon canopies of cottonwood and willow.


~By Celaine Charles, July 7, 2019

photo cartoon pic 2


Image and Content Links/Credit:

Butterfly photos from my iPhone

Butterfly video (if I can get it to load is 15 seconds of sweetness) 🙂

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  1. lovely poetry worth reading a few times

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  2. Beautiful! 🍀 – Mentje

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