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Summer Slows into a Rainbow of Light: September’s Poetry Celebration

September Poetry post collage-bird-wu

Three Pieces of Art (above & Below) by Karen Williams:

Summer Slows into a Rainbow of Light: September’s Poetry Celebration

Summer is slowing. I can already feel the heat against my back on this first day of September. But there is much to appreciate in these last rays of light. It’s the first Sunday of a new month, so that means we celebrate poetry here at Steps in Between. Today is even more colorful, though, as I have a rainbow of poetry to share:

Colors Cover official Amazon pic of Colors book

Cover Art by Designer, Anna Vowels

First of all, my poetry book, Colors Collected ~ Poetry Inspired by the Hues of Life, debuted on Amazon this past week. It is live and available:

Thank you, in advance, for sharing in this book. It means the world to me, and I hope it paints colorful inspiration in every reader out there. Here is the blurb from the back of my book:

Colors Collected is a poetry debut from Pacific Northwest writer, Celaine Charles. Gathering thirty-one poems from her online poetry series, Colors, she has also penned new pieces to complete this picturesque book. Her hope is to inspire a celebration of color in her readers, encouraging them to slow down and notice the world around.

Celaine’s poems include whimsical insights about everyday life, from the softest shades to the boldest tints, to the wonderings of a world with no color at all:

 “If I write these words, will they

be remembered?

Will children one day find

a poem about a tree,

and wonder

at the vibrant color

described in a verdant forest glen?”

September poetry post karen williams deer

Secondly, I want to bring your attention to my Wednesday Whims of Poetry page, as I do the first Sunday of every month:

It’s where I challenge myself, stretch my range, and even have a little fun. The last four Wednesdays have included poetry about a road trip to California, friendship, sharing our wild space with others, and kindness in a “start of school” setting. Simply go to the page, scroll down and enjoy!

September poetry post flower butterfly

Thirdly, and most importantly, I want to celebrate the poetry of others. I would not be the writer I am today without the inspiration and encouragement from other writers. As I always say, “Let us lift each other up.” So, please check out some poetry from my Poetry Friends page:

Finally, allow these rays of September’s sunshine to warm you from the inside-out and outside-in, and enjoy this rainbow of poetry as the cooler days of October approach.

~ By Celaine Charles, September 1, 2019

photo cartoon pic 2

P.S. All art in today’s post is from the talented, Karen Williams. Her site is linked below. I fell in love with her work and thought it accompanied nicely with my message today. Cheers!

Image and Credit Links: (Art by Karen Williams) (Homepage for Karen Williams) (Wednesday Whims of Poetry page) (Poetry Friends Page) (Colors Collected ~ Poetry Inspired by the Hues of Life)

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  1. Happy September, my friend, and congratulations on your book! I’m ordering my copy. Always good to see your reflections…

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