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Season Nuptials…November Poetry, of Course!


november poetry 2019 fall waters

Fall-Water-Sun captured by my iPhone on a brisk fall day.

November Poetry, of course! If you follow me, you know I am overly inspired by fall. I apologize to my fiction writers out there, story-writing is also a passion of mine. But here we are in the heart of the season (and the first Sunday of a new month), thus I am sharing my poetry page ( I’ve even written a new poem for my readers…it’s at the bottom of this post, Season Nuptials.

november poetry 2019 leaf imprint

My iPhone capturing a leaf imprint from the sidewalk by my house.

Sharing poetry makes me feel alive. It’s like I’ve left a little trace of myself in the world for my children. One day, hopefully waaayyy down the road, they will be able to stand on a November morning and feel my embrace with each drifting leaf, or a brisk wind-kiss to their cheek.

November Poetry In November

I share poetry everywhere, so of course in my day-job too! My students wrote “No November…” poems yesterday. We first immersed our senses by reading the book, In November, by Cynthia Rylant. I love her story, especially how she describes the bare trees as stretching dancers and the color of orange in ways that evoke our noses and thankful hearts. Of course, with my little brood of eight and nine year old’s, we found the fun in reading an anonymous poem, November, that argues for all the things November is not. Then we read Thomas Hood’s poem, No! After that we dove in to write our own…

Here’s one of my own (of course, at school I substituted sips of wine with ice cream):

No November

No green grass,

no blue skies,

no warm breeze floating by.

No sundresses,

no sunglasses,

no sips of wine

on the porch at sunset.


November Poetry 2019 pic

November is breathtaking in every form of the word. From the beauty of green leaves turning golden brown and russet red to the bitter chill that sweeps under the hem of my jacket, no matter how tightly I fold my arms. To top it all off, it’s the first Sunday of a new month; Poetry celebration!

So, I invite you to visit my page.

Take a peek at what I’ve been up to in October and keep scrolling if you missed any highlights from September. Fall always inspires wondrous words out of me and I am thankful for readers to share them with.

november poetry 2019 fall leaf dump

My iPhone capturing fall leaves from my yard last autumn.

On the top of my Wednesday Whim’s page you will find the following poems: The Almost Utter Darkness, Red Skies at Night, Autumn in the Ocean, and Snoozing Dawn. Below I’ve written a new November-inspired poem just for you. It turned out a little heavier than I expected, but such as November, caught in the deepest hues of the year. I hope you enjoy this season of gratitude and color!

NOvember poetry fall meets winter

Season Nuptials


November walks with tranquil steps

across a blazoned bridge, alive

in one hundred fire shades of red;

moss-shrouded firs bear witness.


The maples toss confetti, red alder

with ivory stalks stand, attentively,

branches lift to a sapphire sky,

hemlocks tip their heads in praise.


Frigid breezes gust glitter, golden

from her veil, dust the forest floor,

each rustled step beneath her gown

announces the processional.


October ambles behind, each pace wanes

further than the one before, ushers

distance. December waits at the alter

eyes glossed in emotion, anticipation…


Two seasons meet annually

a moment in time, before Winter’s

heavy cloak engulfs his only glance

at the forever lost love in his life.


~By Celaine Charles, November 2019

photo cartoon pic 2

Image and Content Links/Credit: (Wednesday Whims of Poetry, Celaine Charles) (No! By Thomas Hood) (no green grass…) (In November, by Cynthia Rylant) (fall meets winter) (fall scene)


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  1. Love the pictures and words you’ve used. I agree the season brings words to the heart.

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