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Beholden, Grateful, Obliged, and Bound…

thankful 4 2019 teri sloat

Chorus Line, Teri Sloat

Beholden, grateful, obliged, and bound…how many other words might describe the thankfulness in my heart. This is the season where I wind down, follow that trickle of thought from mind to heart. That gleaming light from purpose to fingertips because when creating, that’s where things get done.

I’ve found the writing side of who I am, depicted this way, as I’m certain it’s been with me my whole life. I simply didn’t recognize it. Maybe I listened to other people (or the voice in my head assuming what others might say). That’s more accurate, the listening to the voice-in-my-head part. I wonder how many writers relate to this experience. Listening to the opinions of faceless others or what they believe these faceless might declare before even uttering a word. It seems like most of the authors and writers I talk to say they’d enjoyed writing for most of their lives, they just didn’t act on their urges for a long time. Sometimes due to timing, but often due to the fear holding them back.

thankful 2 2019

Tiny Dancer, Dominic Pangborn

I’ve waited four decades to come out as a writer…and I’m still finding my way (not quite sure where I want to be yet, but I’m growing), and I’m thankful.

I’m grateful for the support of my family because the laundry and dishes don’t always get done. Compassionately, they understand my need to write. They understand my need to stop and take pictures of sunsets and flowers, and crazy crooked cracks charging up sidewalks, for inspiration. I’m obliged to my writing community and beta readers who act as sounding boards and encouragers. And I am bound to the Writer in my soul who blesses every word spilled from my consciousness.

thankful 5

Prairie Sky, Soleil Mannion 

I am still in search of more accurate words to illustrate how thankful I am for my writer inside. I more than appreciate her courage coming out and tempting a page. But, it’s this time of year that reminds me although I write most often, alone, behind my desk in my writing space, a solitary lifestyle…I’m surrounded by others lifting me up. They help me soar regardless of the outcomes in my writing future. And although they may not realize it, they’ve each had a hand in shaping me. Or at least providing the space for me to grow.

For each of them, I am beholden, grateful, obliged and bound…and any other word that illustrates the bottom of my heart this season.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Thanks to all my family and friends for supporting me as I continue on my way. I appreciate you all!

thankful 3 2019

Listening for Advice, Teri Sloat

Writing Advice: Listen, but Decide

Listen to your inner voice. Listen to you what you can learn from your beta readers and writing community. Listen to your family. But always always always listen to your own heart. Respect what you learn from those around you, yet always remember it’s still your work.

And only you know what you want it to say.

Take a mental note of what you’ve learned from your experiences (positive and negative) from those around you sharing in your writing lives. It’s always a good choice to quietly listen. Final decisions in how you use what you’ve heard is up to you.

Listen, but decide.

Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles

photo cartoon pic 2

Image Credit Links: Prairie Sky, Soleil Mannion  “Tiny Dancer” (2016) Dominic Pangborn (Listening for Advice and Chorus Line), Teri Sloat)


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