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Change and Patience (A Forced Pause in Writing)

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Change and Patience (A Forced Pause in Writing)

Change—not a new phenomenon. We are all facing change every day of our lives. But recently, reaching out to any social media or news source, the vast change affecting all of us worldwide is apparent. COVID-19 is demanding attention, and yes…all regularly scheduled life activities have been paused.

Where does this leave me?

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I’m hunkered down at home and feeling out of sorts. I thrive on routine. If I brush my teeth after I get dressed, rather than before, then I already feel lopsided (so to speak). It’s not that I can’t progress through my day. Two minutes of teeth brushing slipped in at a different place in my morning ritual won’t be the death of me. But, now add that I’m working from home, with my other family members working from home…and we’re rationing toilet paper. Well, it’s got me thinking about patience.

Change is inevitable. It’s a given, slapping me in the face my whole life. But patience? That’s the one I don’t have down. It’s the one trait that’s evolved at a snail’s pace in me, and now with this State-demanded (Nation-demanded…Global-demanded) forced pause, I’m wondering about patience.

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We are facing something new in our times. It’s something I know my students will never forget. When Mt. Saint Helens erupted in Washington State on May 18, 1980, it interrupted my daily (play-outside) and school routines for weeks. Everything stopped in our lives. And I will never forget that time. During my student teaching experience on September 9, 2011, my ability to hold it together for a classroom of young students shaped me more than I can clearly put into words. And both of these unforgettable experiences caused a pause in my daily routine. They forced me to stop everything going on in my life…required me to rethink my direction.

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The universe can jolt us in ways that make us notice. And if I slow down and think back, I’ve experienced many more devastating landmarks that caused me to take heed. They may not have made the news, because maybe I was the only one affected. But what I am learning (slowly) is that sometimes, regardless of my routines and rituals and flow through life, I need to pause. I need to reexamine my life and my values and my goals. This all takes patience (and truly, a little trust in the bumpy process doesn’t hurt).

I am now pausing and breathing in slow deep breaths as the world around sorts itself out. I am looking at where I’ve come from and where I thought I wanted to go. This is the time I can re-evaluate my goals. I can use this down-time to dream a little more than I allowed myself before the culprit of busyness stole it away.

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So, as I work from home, figuring out how to virtually connect with my students, and wondering how an elbow-bump will ever satisfy that desire to hug everyone I greet, I’m writing poetry and fiction in a new light. One scheduled around family needs, work needs, hourly changing news, and the hope my toilet paper doesn’t run out.

Change and patience, my friends. They go hand in hand.

Happy writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles, March 15, 2020

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  1. The world had change. People buying and using vitamins, washing of hands, our jobs concern about sickness, better eating. Things, we should of been doing. In Michigan, close downed school already. The world shall be quiet for awhile. Maybe a needed change??? I don’t know. I pray the world learn. We must help each other. Be kind to each other. Assist the places that are struggling.

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  2. I agree, change and patience, they go hand in hand. There will always be change which we must learn to take in our stride. Maybe COVID-19 is a wakeup call.

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  3. You know I’ve been on a long dry spell, but today I felt like writing, and I opened the door to a new blog idea. Let me know what you think. I’ll share it later.

    I always appreciate your posts and your thoughts….

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  4. Great post, Celaine!! I know what you mean about patience! Personally, I think it’s a bit overrrated – it’s an authoritarian way of keep people subdued. Just my opinion. Here’s a little warning: Don’t pray for patience or God will give you lots of opportunities to develop it.

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  5. I appreciate someone giving permission to slow down. Thank you.

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