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Sunday Celebration for Wednesday Poetry (and a YOUR TURN PROMPT)

Somehow August has arrived, with sunshine and summer in tow. It felt so far away, back in March, when isolation started. But here we are. And after a long lull in my poetry inspiration, I’m back to writing more fluently again!

Last month I wrote three poems for my Wednesday Whims page, plus a couple online workshop pieces, and a few others to hopefully send out for submissions (so I can’t share those yet).

Today, I have two things to bring to your attention. First, I invite you to head over to Wednesday Whims: You will find a poem of humor, a haiku, and a nonfiction flower piece. Second, at the bottom of this post is a picture prompt for YOU to create something yourself. I hope you enjoy…

My Three Newest Wednesday Poems:

sun and rain flower

  • Season’s Humor (and a little of my own) – This poem wrote itself, with me snickering along every stanza. It was also pretty hot in my office, so that must have influenced my creative flow. Find the poem at


Globe Thistle Wisdom

  • Globe Thistle Wisdom (from the family of daisies) – I wrote this poem for my oldest daughter. We had taken a beautiful walk and come across tons of these Dr. Seuss-like flowers. We thought they were thistles, but after researching, discovered they are from the daisy family. I love pulling nonfiction into my poetry. Here’s the poem,

After a little poetry inspiration, I hope the picture below will entice you to write a little something too! Details follow the picture…

Your Turn Prompt: Tree Eyes

tree eyes

Tree Eyes, I took this picture on a walk with a good friend. We found it this way, eyes and all.

Here is a prompt if you need a little kick-start for inspiration. Using the picture above, choose any form of writing or art you like and create something.

Maybe a poem? Flash fiction (perhaps a dribble or a drabble)? Maybe you create a cartoon or meme or a song? Maybe you paint something? Be as creative as you like!

Private message me your creations, I would love to share them in a future post. You can also email them to me, (put in the subject line YOUR TURN PROMPT so I don’t miss it).

Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles, August 2, 2020

photo cartoon pic 2

Photo and Content Credit Links:

All photos were taken with CC’s iPhone (except the scrabble summer, that one’s Canva)



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  1. I read it all ! and i like it all !( specially grandma 🙏 and crab☺).
    Thank you for sharing !

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  2. Those marvelous daisies! And I love the prompt. I will think it over… I have actually always imagined myself a wood nymph. :>)

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