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Grateful for my Wriggling Writing Mind

Art above: Gosia Mosz

I am reblogging this post from a year ago ( as it hits home on many levels for me now. I had been contemplating each thought and flickering idea somehow surfacing amongst the others in my creative mess of a mind. Today, only one year later, I am preparing to release my first fantasy fiction book, and my mind is blown.

I am ever so grateful that I took the time to pull on the thread…of the thought…that became Seam Keepers.

Again, here is the original post you should take a peek at:

I will be revealing the cover and book blurb in the next days and weeks to come. The book releases this spring through The Wild Rose Press. For now, I am working diligently behind the scenes to market and promote. That is a whole new world on its own…surely enough for a future blog post. Side-Note: I could use any of your book marketing advice!

Thoughts, ideas, whimsies…they strike at any time. So be ready. You never know when one might flame into something wonderful.

Stay curious, readers and writers and followers, stay oh so curious!

Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles

Content Credit Links: Original Post: A Wriggling Writer Mind (art by Gosia Mosz)

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  1. Great to hear your voice at the beginning of the year!

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