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Writing Step: 9 (Celebrate the Awaited Book Launch)

Writing is a journey. There are rest stops and detours along the way, but perseverance does pay off. When the final writing destination springs into view, there are no words to describe the accompanying emotions. And even though it’s important to celebrate throughout the process, this last stage at the end…publishing…is surely time to celebrate BIG!


Writers endure turmoil and strife in each step of the process. But goals keep the pursuit in sight. Gratefully, I stayed on course in my endeavors. And now, I have an invitation for you at the end of this post because I have finally arrived at this long-awaited landmark: Book Launch! And WOW! I remember each and every stage of my writing journey to get here.

Writing Steps:

  1. Pre-Plan
    • Idea-mode (all in my head).
    • Brainstorm/Journal quick sketch (character images, details about the plot).
    • Dreaming about potential story parts (when it keeps me up at night, it’s time to write, and time to celebrate because I’m ready to go)!
    • Plotters—outline, Pantsers—dive in. I’m a little of both.
  2. Draft
    • Sh***y first draft (don’t look back, just write).
    • Celebrate a completed story!
    • Now it’s time to read it like a book and take notes (no official changes yet).
    • Second draft (make changes from notes…and celebrate that it has more flow, regardless of its ridiculous word count – for me, it’s always too high).
  3. Revise
    • Time to get serious about the book! So, put it away and take a needed life-break!
    • After some time off, re-read, and revise—revise—revise…
    • Celebrate the final revised draft! It’s time to share!
  4. Beta-Readers and More
    • Find as many people as I can to read my manuscript.
    • Share pages with my critique group.
    • Listen and be willing to make changes (but only follow the advice that makes sense to the story).
    • Celebrate that other people are reading my story from start to finish (it’s a big deal)!
    • Rinse and repeat…and repeat…and repeat.
  5. Edit
    • Use a professional editor. I repeat, find an editor!
    • I recommend a developmental editor first.
    • Make more edits and revisions based on editor notes.
    • Celebrate this amazing “almost there” stage in the writing process!
  6. Query
    • The dreaded query letter and synopsis (yuck). Celebrate because it’s a good problem to have…this is a great stage to be at even if it’s hard!
    • Research literary agents. Go to writing conferences. Make a list to keep track. Check it twice. Send out the manuscript!
    • Celebrate the rejections rolling in because it means the story is getting out there!
    • Be patient – I will find my tribe.
    • Be more patient.
    • Celebrate patience!
  7. Book Deal!
    • Now this comes one of several ways – and ALL are worth celebrating!
      • Sign with an agent – now a new journey begins!
      • Sign directly with a publisher – now a new journey begins! This was mine.
      • Self-publish – now a new journey begins!
    • More revisions and edits and galley stages galore!
  8. Market Market Market
    • I’m still learning how to do this. I will let you know how it goes. 😊
  9. Book Launch
    • This has been long-awaited, and so I need to CELEBRATE bigger than ever!
    • Seam Keepers launches May 12, 2021 (see details below for the launch party)!
  10. Write the next book
    • Go back to step one again.

There are more steps in between the ten listed above, of course. But this is the gist of the list I follow. What is the common thread in my writing steps journey? I celebrate at each and every stage. It’s the only way I keep motivated. But right now, I could not be MORE excited to CELEBRATE on a whole new level! Consider this an invitation to join in the festivities. As mentioned above, May 12th is my book launch date for my fantasy, Seam Keepers. Join me for readings, author q & a, book-talk, give-aways, and more!  

Invitation: (Link to my Facebook Launch Party) (Seam Keepers via Amazon) (Seam Keepers via Nook/Barnes & Noble)

Everyone is invited to join in the festivities—writers, readers, friends, family, supporters, followers—everyone!

Thank you for joining me along my writing journey to publish. It’s been a long haul, and I’m so thrilled and humbled to finally be here. I hope blog posts, like this one, are helpful to other writers on their own creative journeys. It’s important for me to give back. Writers need writers. Now go celebrate because there is plenty to revel in at every creative stage!

Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing),               

Celaine Charles, May 9, 2021

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Anna Vowels (book photo)

Kris Norris (book cover design)

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