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Holiday Fun BOOK TOUR! Stained Glass Secrets and Star Wishes

I am thrilled to announce that my sweet, paranormal, holiday, romance novella, Stained Glass Secrets and Star Wishes, launched on November 16th! This is my first new adult romance genre book, and from the reviews trickling in, it’s delivering! #grateful

And we’re going on tour! In fact, it’s already happening, so jump on board!

Think hallmark meets fantasy…

Think wintery lakeside cabin in the beautiful pacific northwest…

Think snow-falling, cookie making, star wishing, and maybe…if the stars align…destiny revealing!

Tour Link:

This is a contemporary fantasy, set mostly in the human world, above James Lake (aka Priest Lake, Idaho), where two amazing characters–an Ashrai fresh water fairy and an over-worked accountant from Seattle–meet and discover a little magic just might save them both.

“Star wishes are star wishes to one species or the next. Make your wish and claim it true.”

For these two characters, it might not matter if the wishes are made on stars, or through stained-glass, star-shaped cookies! With the help of a bounding spaniel springer and delightful lodge owner, this story checks all the boxes!

Available at all fine online retailers, this short and sweet holiday e-book is from the Christmas Cookies Series through The Wild Rose Press. After you finish this morsel of a story, there are 80 more to read! And with them all being novella sized (around 100 pages), you can indulge all winter long! – here is the link for my book tour! Hop on wherever you can and sign up to win a $40 Amazon Gift Card! I appreciate your support so much!

Book Blurb:

Ember McCoy, a young and stressed accountant, plans to spend Christmas alone at her family’s lakeside cabin. But after a mysterious man offers his kindness and time, she begins to reassess her fast-paced world. Holding a star-shaped, stained-glass cookie up to the light, she makes a wish. Is the glistening candy-blue center a hopeful sign there may be more to her existence than the long work hours draining the joy from her life?

Laiken Devere, an Ashrai water fairy, laments the passing of his grandmother and his future in the shadows of his older brothers. To honor his grandmother, he visits the human world above James Lake, asking the stars to reveal his destiny. But why would fate lead him to an impossible relationship with a human, especially the sorrowful young Ember he found by the lake?

Does Ember and Laiken’s future together now rely on stained-glass secrets and star wishes?

Order Here:

Cheers and happy writing (because at least you’re writing) and happiest of holidays to you, no matter what you celebrate!

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December 11, 2022

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  1. Congratulations on your tour!!


    healing, hope, and horses Carmen Peone

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  2. You’re always working on such amazing things! Merry Christmas! 🎄

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