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Cheers to the Small Celebrations

Working towards a goal takes time. It takes energy and effort. It takes sacrifice.

Imagine working on and on and on, but never celebrating the small accomplishments along the way to your final destiny. Wouldn’t those smaller reminders of success be helpful in getting you across the finish line? I believe it is imperative to stop and celebrate the small steps. These are the steps in between that lead you to that final “New Year’s” party of a celebration. The whopper you’ve been anticipating. The one you’ve put your heart on the line for. So, celebrate those tiny successes on your journey!

I have a few accomplishments I am celebrating as of late. First of all, on November 6, 2017, I received a notification that this blog, Steps in Between, had 10 followers. TEN!


I laughed out loud. I need more like 75,000 followers for a literary agency to think twice about me. But, when I shared it with my son, giving him a moment to mock the small number, we both agreed, “You have to start somewhere.” Instead of continuing my day depressed and concerned over my slow growth in audience, I smiled and made note of the date.


On Monday, November 13, 2017, I read at my first poetry reading. This was a big night for me. I read with several other poets, all who have published book collections, and are “somebodies” in the poetry world. I was flat out terrified, but also curious, and excited, and humbled by the greatness surrounding me. I couldn’t wait to hear their work… to bask in their knowledge of words and thoughts. I wasn’t disappointed, and learned a wealth of wisdom I won’t soon forget. It was truly a wonderful evening, and one I certainly deem as a success. I delivered my three poems without vomiting. My favorite part? The “Mmmmmm’s” I heard after each of my poems concluded. That sound will forever play in my mind, now a song of triumph for me. A melody of acceptance into this poetry world I am daring to explore. Surely, this chorus rings celebration!


Many November nights have been reasons for celebration. I have been sending my book, Seam Keepers, off to agents. I am sending it in small batches, one or two each night. All I can do it hope for the best in a sea of possible rejections. At least I’m putting myself out there, after three and a half years of dedication to see its completion. For this reason, I celebrate.


For my spiritual followers out there, there’s a verse that consists of only two words; Thessalonians 5:16, Rejoice always! That’s enough for me. Celebrate!

Although whatever your beliefs, it is easy to see that if we don’t stop and celebrate our small successes along the way, it would be far too easy to lose ourselves in the shadows of our final goals.

Every baby step counts.

And with each milestone toward your final destiny, take a small moment to stop and clap your hands. Smile. Shout at the top of your lungs, hooray! If you shout in your car, you won’t alarm others… and if other drivers see you, they will only smirk, believing you’re singing to a song. They won’t know how close to truth they are, that you’re surely singing in revelation to your glorious success… even if it’s one tiny step.

Cheers to the small celebrations!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! It’s good to remember to celebrate the little achievements. Lately, I’ve gotten a couple of followers on my blog, and ten seems like a lot. But everyone has to start somewhere, and the important thing is not to give up. I’ll have to remember to celebrate when I hit ten followers!

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  1. Happy One Year Anniversary WRITERS! – Steps In Between

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