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Happy One Year Anniversary WRITERS!


Happy Anniversary! It’s been exactly one year since I began posting about my writing journey in this blog, Steps in Between. I have succeeded in some of my goals, reworked a few others, and still have a handful waiting for retrieval. But what I’m most excited about… YOU! Blessings are overflowing when I think of the writing community I’ve been fortunate enough to interact with.


I’ve written before about the benefits of a writing group. Engaging with several different online groups this past year has helped me not only grow as a writer but has also helped other writers blossom. As well, I’ve been searching for a more personal live-time writing group in my area and am happy to report I feel closer to that wish becoming a reality.

Writing begets writing and reaching out to other authors causes a chain reaction in my own work. This cyclical experience holds me together like glue. The more I seek advice from other writers, the better I feel about my own writing experience. Everyone must walk their own journey. This passion to write can often feel isolating, so putting myself out there actually creates safety nets which allow me to take even more risks.


blogYOU followers on Steps in Between, as Celaine Charles Facebook friends, and on Twitter – I thank you for your support. I remember the day I celebrated 10 followers. Now I’m at 118. That might seem like slow growth to some of the bigger blogs out there. But, I am ecstatic! I like knowing who my followers are and following them right back. Checking in on them with their blogs or sites. Sharing in their frustrations and celebrations alongside with them. I like keeping my circles close.

You may not know this, but in March I almost went down to posting every other Sunday. I felt I wasn’t spending enough time writing my novel. I wondered if my blog was really worth it. I wrote my explanation article informing the world of my decision in preparation to post, but at the last minute decided to archive it for a while. I had it ready… just in case but would give it another month.


My daughter and I explored one rainy day in the PNW… for inspiration.


It was also in March, I decided to kick up my poetry awareness. My Sunday posts reach my followers in their inboxes, but my Wednesday Whims of Poetry page does not. I decided to use the first Sunday of every month to share my poetry page as my Sunday post. This became a happy accident (and two-fold). Taking away one of my Sunday posts gave me freedom to work more on other writing, while at the same time bringing awareness of my poetry to new viewers. This was exactly what I needed and apparent to my numbers of likes and views, what my followers needed too. Everyone was happy, and I continued bringing my best to my followers each and every Sunday… for a whole year now!

In honor of this big celebration I will be reposting some of your favorites below, posts with the highest likes and views from each month. At the bottom I will post my all-time favorites and my super amazing guest blog that received loads of attention. Check them all out and comment to bring life back to them again. Let’s keep writing journeys and inspiration alive and well.

Your Favorites:

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April 2018, Surrounding Myself with Writers ~ And Announcing Friend Poetry:

May 2018, May Poetry ~ A Masterpiece, A Dance, and A Little Fallen Rain:

June 2018, A Season of Poetry:

July 2018, The Rules of Summer ~ Poetry Explosion:

August 2018, Elusive Writing Time: 3 Steps to Manage the Beast:

September 2018, Applause Requested: Showcasing Poetic Friends:

As you can see, most of YOUR favorite pages are the first Sunday of each month when I linked in my poetry page, “Wednesday Whims of Poetry.” But I have a few favorites of my own:

My Favorites:

My Amazing Guest Blogger, Pamela Hobart Carter: (which you also favored from above)

My first blog post to be re-blogged:

I can’t wait to see where this next year takes me. I am in the planning mode now. My wish is to continue my journey with you in writing yet shift things up to the next level. Hummmmmm… lots to consider. If you have any suggestions, comment or private message me. This ride has room for more than just one.

Writing Advice: New Eyes

It’s a new school year, so I am starting from scratch teaching poetry to a new group of eight-and nine-year-old students. If you read my “poem in your pocket” post above (listed under my favorites), you will learn more about the courage and beauty of young writers. One of the first things I do is teach them look at the world with new eyes.

new eyes paper glasses

So, we make glasses. Colorful paper glasses students design and cut out that actually fit their faces. Then we look at everything around the classroom. Pencils previously described as yellow wood with pink tips suddenly become ships that sail through imagination, wooden treasure chest and keeper of my ideas, or liquid silver sparkling across the page.

I can’t take the credit of the new eyes concept – It’s from Lucy Calkins’ Units of Writing poetry series, (the link is below). I’ve tweaked it over the years, but isn’t that the beauty of poetry? Introducing a concept and letting the minds and hearts around take off running.

poetry-lucy calkins book

This is my advice to you regardless of your age; look at the world around you with new eyes. Perhaps you may need to pick yourself up a new pair of glasses, or sunglasses, or if you’re aging like I am, some fancy new readers. Maybe just a walk to clear your mind will do well. If you’ve been blocked in your writing, get away from it for a while. Then, write as many descriptions of a typical object… like a pencil, you can think of. Let this practice rejuvenate your imagination. Hopefully when you return to your work in progress, new ideas will sparkle like that liquid silver my nine-year-old writer wrote about.

As always, keep writing! And… Happy Anniversary!

By Celaine Charles, September 30, 2018

photo cartoon pic 2

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  1. Outstanding! You’ve done a wonderful job with your first year. May you have many more, and grow your group of followers. I’m happy to receive your Steps in Between in my e-mail. I still have my poem-in-a-pocket.

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  2. Congratulations on your first year! I look forward to seeing your words on Facebook and here . Many happy years to come

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  3. I am glad to meet and read many articles on Steps in Between site. Happy one year anniversary, dear maam. I love it. 🙂
    Best Regards,

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