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Requesting Your Thoughts


Dear readers,

I have a favor to ask. I am working on a special project involving adoption, and am looking for new (honest) perspectives in my research. Would you be willing to share? Of course, I have some writing advice at the end, as always.


Currently, I am looking for thoughts on adoption from any angle… the adopter, the adoptee, the mother choosing adoption as her choice, or the supporting friend, sister, brother, spouse, significant other. Would you be willing to share your experience? The information you disclose wouldn’t need to be long or specific. In fact, it could be only a few words, or a couple of sentences, or even a whole page describing the gist of a situation.


I do not need specifics, as this is all for a poetry project. Abstracts are fine. Everything will be used anonymously, thus no of use names (nor do you need share any). I am looking more for feelings, emotions, and realities. I hope this infers these feelings, emotions, and realities can be positive or negative, and anything in between. I will surely add my thanks to my blog community for sharing their insights as part of my project.

I have been touched by adoption in many ways and have felt compelled to write about this personal topic over the last year or so… but only from my own perspective. I now want to gain the insights and perspectives of others. If you feel you could share a few lines, please do so in the comments below. If you wish to contribute more privately, click the link to my Facebook below, and private message me.


I look forward to hearing from you. And if you know someone else who might be interested in sharing a few words or thoughts on adoption, please forward this post to them. I am excited to reveal my finished project soon. So, in advance, let me express my deepest gratitude. Thank you!

Writing Advice: Make a Splash!

Fresh water splash

As always, I want to include a little writing advice in every post. Today, I hope you are inspired to look inside you. What might be stirring in there that needs some light? Maybe it’s time to give those thoughts some wings. Or maybe it’s time to get them heaped out onto the paper, so you can burn them, or burry them forever. What might you release by exercising a little brainstorm?

It’s not a new concept. Writers have been using brainstorms to stimulate writing for years. I call it a Word Splash in my classroom. Write down a word (although it could be a phrase or a concept), and circle it, underline it… make it important. Then, like a rock skipping water, let everything about that word or phrase or topic splash out. Scribble down everything that comes to mind, whether you think it relates or not. Write down synonyms, personal connections, names, places, ideas, moments, sensory experiences, anything!

Jot down what makes sense, and even what doesn’t. Because possibly, it’s the in between that’s keeping it hinged in your ribcage.


After the water calms and the ripples fade away, take notice. By now your emotions will be over the hump of their surge… yet still there, quietly awaiting instruction. This is where you begin.

For me, it was the celebration of adoption (the good and the bad). What might it be for you?

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  1. My father was adopted, and recently we found out who his biological parents were. However, my biological grandfather seems to be a mysterious, shady figure, and I can’t find out anything about him other than his marriage record to my biological grandmother in Oct. 1941 and some rumors. I am curious and want to know more about both of them. If you have a chance, read the beginning to my creative non-fiction book Same Moon Shining, which is published in the Cenacle online. I would like to talk to you more about adoption. It appears that my biological grandfather may have also been adopted. I don’t keep my WordPress account active, so e-mail me at or let’s talk on Facebook.

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    • Thanks for sharing. What a mystery. I will check out your book, and will surely have some questions. Thanks for your willingness to help me out.


      • I found your work, Same Moon Shining… so interesting, and I loved the perspective. I felt like I was sitting with you during your conversation. I feel you are right, there is quite a story there, and probably stories within stories. It’s that ripple effect from deep within the heart. Thank you for sharing. It stirred some interesting feelings I will investigate.


  2. Answered prayer, love, sadness, confusion, joy, heartbreak, hope.

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  3. This may be too much of a tangent for what you are interested in but i just read a novel(a thriller of sorts) called “Look Again” by Lisa Scottoline that centered around a mother and her adopted child. I really liked it. It said alot about the bond they had despite it being a work of fiction.

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  4. If I were adopted, I would want my parents to tell me before teenage-hood. Adoptee should know early and their parents should be the ones to tell them. The entire support system (usually relatives and friends) should be in on it too so that the adoptee never has room to doubt that they are wanted. the adoptee can feel alone after knowing and this can set them off on thoughts of being “abandoned” and “unwanted” by the biological parents. I also feel the “we love you as our own” conversation is not a one time affair. It’s an everyday deliberate show of love and actions of joy. being wanted and needed is more about actions than words. It’s hugs and kisses and your favorite meals and dance. I could go on and on…

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  1. Happy One Year Anniversary WRITERS! – Steps In Between

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