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Want to be a Writer? Be a Magnet


You will find some “magnetic” writing advice at the end of this article, but for those who are striving to create in the world, this message will hopefully uplift.

Do you want to be a writer? Do you want to create? Be a magnet.

Be a magnet to everything you desire.


I am sure you have heard the various sayings, you are a magnet to what you want to attract in the world. You can look at it on any level you like… but where you put your focus will be your attention. And when you pay attention, you’ll noticing things. And when you notice things, you will find exactly what you were looking for.

If you want to write, surround yourself with books, join writing groups, invest in a conference, hang out in books stores, follow authors online, send out your light to everything writing… then, if needed, hover in the shade for a spell.


It is perfectly okay to be silent in the beginning; to observe from afar and take notes. You need to create a mental inventory of what you think you want. When you are ready, immerse yourself in what is out there, and when you feel even more comfortable, begin asking questions.

Ask a lot of questions.


If you don’t have anyone you think you can ask, go online. Approaching authors and writing groups with questions behind the safety of your computer screen will seem less daunting. And from my experience, writers are actually the nicest people. I don’t know why I was surprised to find that writers tend to want to help other writers write. I’m sure there are the few that prefer privacy, and are uninterested in coaching aspiring new authors… but honestly, not in my experience.

I can’t tell you how much you will learn when you open yourself up to something new. And when authors or posting writers use acronyms or terms you might not understand, Google can be your best friend. When I first started, I had to google WIP to learn it meant “work in progress.” I laughed aloud, to cover my deeper mortified feelings. It makes perfect sense now. But I didn’t know then. And that’s okay. As I always remind myself, “You have to start somewhere.”


It has been one year since I’ve come out of my shell, and thrown myself into writing for real. Just finishing final edits on my first novel, after two unfinished story fails before, I was ready to announce myself to the world. However, I quickly learned there was a lot more work to do. I’ve since revised that novel I thought was complete, and overwhelmed myself with the marketing and business side of self-publishing, along with the nail-biting-waiting-game of traditional publishing… and I am still riding those waves. But, I have diversified by feeding the poetry side of myself, and have had success publishing a few special poems. I’m energized and on a roll, and though it can be exhausting, I am now to the point of feeling myself pulled along regardless of my fears.


The magnet! It works!

I couldn’t pull free from it now if I tried. One year later, and I have made enormous amounts of writing progress. I have this blog, Steps In Between, that I am extraordinarily proud of. The weekly commitment keeps me on point, and gives me time to practice writing in general. It also keeps my dreams alive, because it is the basis of my content, my writing focus; the essence of who I want to be.

My book has evolved, and will hopefully soon be in the hands of an agent. I’m working on book two, with joy (even with the unknowns of book one), because I’ve learned from other authors to start right in on the next book. Always keep writing! I’ve also put together a poetry chap book about adoption, something dear to my heart. As you can see, I’ve been busy… by falling into the pull of writing.


A delightful bonus; I have made new writing friends. Some are successful authors already, some are almost there, others are on their way. More keep finding their way out of the woodwork and onto my path, somehow. And when I listen, I can learn important tips about writing, but more importantly, about life. I’ve even discovered, I can return those gifts with insight of my own. I’ve surely stepped out of the shade at this point, and at least have one leg, maybe a shoulder, in the sunlight.


I can’t explain it. But once you surround yourself in the world you want to become a part of, remarkable things happen. Doors open and awareness illuminates. I may not fully be where I want to be yet, but believe me, this magnet I’ve fallen into will continue to pull me along, even during weary moments of doubt. Why not let it pull you…

Writer’s Advice: Magnet Writing



Don’t be afraid to write the wrong word, the wrong sentence, or even the wrong story. I tell my students all the time, staring at a blank page will not help you in the slightest. In the end, you will have nothing to work with. But, if you let the magnet of writing pull you along, you might find the perfect word, sentence, or story in the middle of your horrifically imperfect babbling prose.

When you return to it, after letting it cook for a while (advice from my poetry guru), you’ll have fresh new eyes to identify the parts you want to keep. Start building from there. The point is, to start. To keep moving forward, even if what you’re writing doesn’t feel right.

Fall into the magnetic pull and let your magic develop on the page… decide later what you will keep or delete. But I promise, having even mediocre scribbles to look at is much easier to work with than the windstorm of a blank ivory page.




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