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Time Flies: Stretching Before Spring


Time flies in a blink.

This recurring message has been the alarm I’ve needed to stir from January’s slumber. A few usual occurrences unusually moved my focus from pause to start, and now I am awake, inspired. The sources were random, though I’m sure when you take notice of what inspires you, it may also feel just as unplanned.


For starters, I binge-watched the current season of This Is Us on TV. I’m not apologizing. I still got my writing in. And though the show makes me cry practically every time I watch it, I find myself intrigued by all the family drama. They suffer so… but in the everyday way we all do. The characters in the show always seem to be searching for perfection. They reveal lots of family hang-ups, misunderstandings, but also crazy love. I guess it reminds me we don’t have to be perfect. We can strive for it, but when we fall short, it’s okay. And in the last show (I promise, no spoilers), whoa! Big things happened that got me thinking… I need to tackle my desires today.


Could that be morning birdsong outside my window? Is it time to rouse?

The next event that got me wriggling from my January chrysalis; a baby shower. My friend and I hosted a party to welcome a second child coming soon to make his appearance. Sweet and adorable youngsters ran around my house, a place not even all my children live anymore. I have one out of college, one in college, and only one left at home. I won’t get nostalgic on you, but that time when my children were tiny, and I had to watch and protect them every moment of the day, seemed so long ago. Though, at the same time, it felt like just the other day. Another friend said it perfectly, “The days are long, but the years are short.”



Blink! I’m awake.

Time escalates at its own pace, regardless if you are ready or not. He doesn’t wait for anyone. He isn’t worried about socially acceptable customs, or manners. He isn’t bothered by your need for more minutes in your day. He can’t empathize when you need more sleep, or when you need a beautiful moment to last longer. He’s never been moved by death, because his purpose is to march forward, to keep time. And time moves on.


Unraveling from Winter’s wrap, I feel rested and ready to begin. I have started preparing for Spring with my morning cup of coffee. I have some poetry to organize, and book two to work on… but mostly, I have a little spring in my step.


I am not going to take Time on; he is respectfully committed to his game. Humbly, I acknowledge that I may never feel truly ready, or fully rested to accomplish everything I feel inspired to do. And that’s okay. If I can simply assure that each day I do a little something in the direction of my heart, I will be fine. I will take on the monster, Anxiety, instead. I do not need do everything today. Because I already know that seeking perfection doesn’t work (watch This is Us). As for my children, I barely remember the sleepless nights from when they were babies, and rather smile now at the sweet moments I treasure.

Time has an unexpected residual effect of healing difficult experiences and painting good memories with a golden glow. Now, I can squeal a big yawn and stand up in the early morning before things really burst in the coming months. I may even write some of these unexpected feelings into a poem or weave them into the characters in my book. Regardless, I am awake!

Writing Advice: Wake Up (a poem)


It’s time to wake up.


Grab your cup of coffee, or cup of tea,

whatever your morning drink of alertness may be.


Grab your laptop, or journal, or notepad

with your stylus, or pencil, or pen,

and of course, your sticky notes or phone app.


Then sit yourself down at your desk,

or sofa, or bed, or kitchen table,

or place that you work your magic…

and just




Don’t worry about perfection.


Don’t worry about difficult parts.


Don’t worry about anything.


Just write.


You can go back and fix, or edit, or revise

or burn whatever you don’t like.

But for now,

while we await the coming of Spring,





Hopefully you are feeling ready to slip out of bed and get moving in the right direction. I am not questioning my strange alarm clock. A few unusual spurts of energy at the end of my January slumber, and I am stretching my wings… what might your unusual wake-up call be?

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  1. This is much appreciated, Celaine. I’ve been sluggish, and I’m ready to shake off the excess fat in more ways than one… thank you for the vision.


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