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Super Bowl Writing ~ An Analogy


It’s the Super Bowl. Many of the players are injured, exhausted, maybe even feeling desperation. They’ve come so far, worked so hard. They’ve dreamed about this day since tossing dust-covered junior Wilson’s on the playground. The list of sacrifices; extensive. The cost involved, both physical and mental, could support an army. And most players would do it again. Some call it crazy, others call it passion. Regardless, on this culminating day of battle, I provide for you an analogy for writing.

Writing is like a game of football. You can plan and practice for the desired outcome; to win (or to publish). But, the other team has a similar agenda. And they are just as willing to fight for it as you are.


If you are a writer and a sports fan, you will most likely be watching the game, and storing up the fanaticism to use in your writing later. If you’re not, you will most likely use this gift of time (where perhaps others in your family are preoccupied) to write.

When I finally accepted myself as a writer, and began creating that long sought-after novel, everything was fresh and new. I found a sport I liked, something I felt pretty good at, and tossed myself into the mix. I worked at it sporadically at first, but with small successes (pats on the back and high fives), I gained speed. I tried out the gear that enhances my sport. Instead of helmets and pads, I researched Scrivener and Writing Conferences. My fans are the members of the various writing groups I’ve joined… and my family. I’ve put in the time and the drills. I’ve worked out until my muscles scream (tired eyes from glaring computer screens, and sore neck from hunched shoulders curled over my keyboard). And I’m damn proud of my accomplishments (even if they’re still somewhat in the dream-phase).



No, I haven’t won my personal Super Bowl of Writing, yet. But, after the game, I intend to put my fervor to the test. I’m in the midst of my season and will continue on keeping on… fighting for what I want through sweat and tears. For me, it’s the passion of the game.

What might it be for you? Keep going…

Writing Advice: Gear-Up



Sometimes you need the right gear to get your writing to flow. Treat yourself to new journal (to jot your thoughts down), set up a tiny office space behind your laundry (or other mountain of distraction), maybe in the corner of your bedroom. For me, I bought new “readers” as my age is attempting a sneak attack on my vision. Always helpful; sharp new pencils, a snazzy holder to put them in, a bulletin board to hang pictures of your inspiration… whatever creates for you the tools and space you need to feel good writing.

It is the Super Bowl. Celebrate your sport and gear up!

Football Close Up on Field

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  1. This is another inspirational post — I am listening. Thank you!

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