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Being Your Own Biggest Fan ~ An Uncomfortable Place

Building momentum about yourself is not a comfortable experience. But, as a creator, you have to put yourself out there. I have a new series beginning on Channillo, June 1st, and my readers have been hearing about it for the last several weeks. Do I keep talking about it? I must!

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My new book cover, design by Anna Vowels

If you are a writer like me, you have a day job that pays the bills. And even if you are lucky enough to write full time, my guess is you do not have a staffed marketing department to showcase your new endeavors to the world.

Who Are You? card with colorful background

You have to be your own biggest fan.

I have created my Facebook Author’s Account, not a page, but a separate account from my personal life. I have an author’s email account, Twitter account, and this Steps In Between website. I do my best to consistently post (hopefully) interesting content, and now, I’m working diligently to build excitement about my work. It feels like a constant uphill battle all about me… and if you know me as the talkative, cheery person I typically am, I still don’t like having all eyes on me.

street signs for marketing

So, yeah, promoting myself as an author is uncomfortable.

First of all, there are too many choices – I am drowning in social media. But, as I read article after article for new writers, marketing yourself is a must, and social media is a vehicle. As I mentioned above, I have my author’s Facebook and Twitter. But even those two examples take loads of time to manage. Now, according to the expert advice I find online and at Writing Conferences, I am supposed to set up Instagram, Pinterest, and Mail Chimp subscriptions for my website. Did I mention I am not the techiest of individuals?

brand yourself

Any assistance you can offer me, loyal and kindhearted readers, would be thoughtfully appreciated. What are your marketing secrets that still keep you humble and focused on your passion – the writing itself?


Always, I appreciate your support in commenting and sharing my Sunday posts. Thank you for checking out my poetry page for this website; Wednesday Whims of Poetry. I also welcome your thoughts about my projects (on the Projects page), and please, please, please, friend request me on Facebook, I will gladly accept. Follow me on Twitter… and look for me soon on other Social Medias. I’m working on getting myself out there in every way possible (without coming across too needy).

Most importantly, I care about you, the people who enjoy my work, and I want to honor our connection.

Thank you, my dear creator-friends,

Celaine 🙂

P.S. My “Colors” series begins on June 1st and runs for six months, two poems a week (Mondays and Fridays). I can’t wait to share this charity-focused poetry endeavor with you:


Writing Advice: Take A Bite Of Inspiration

Read some inspiration from these famous authors and then sit down and write. I know we’ve heard quotes and advice like this before, but I promise you will be wearing a smile with your new-found motivation.

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6 replies

  1. I have been working on this concept, being my own biggest fan — thank you for this excellent reminder. One tip for me has been that once I put myself out there, I give it to the universe and try not to worry about what happens next with it. I hope that the poem or the story or the blog post or whatever it was I wrote will find its path to the right person or persons. It can actually be discouraging even when many works of ours have been published when we realize that not many people are reading them — but in fact, we never know where the words might eventually fall, and take root, and grow into something beautiful. Thank you for being part of this work with me.

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    • This means a lot, and is a great reminder of letting things work out as they should. I have a happy life, and I’m blessed to have the readers and exchange of ideas that I have. Thank you Tamara. You’ve been an encouraging support to me through writing.


  2. I struggle with the marketing side of things as well. I hate talking about myself, but putting the focus on my stories is much easier. I will hopefully be starting a new blog and email list soon, and when I get that going I’ll let you know. Thanks for the great advice!

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