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A Season of Poetry

4-seasons-1A Season of Poetry

There are seasons for writers, and although I am still working on rewriting my fiction story, I seem to find myself in a season of poetry. In honor of the first Sunday in June, I invite you to visit my poetry page:

There are times when the characters in my novel speak to me in my sleep. I awaken with renewed motivation to jump into their scenes and build new adventures. Other times I can’t even walk across a parking lot without poetry ideas blinking. Before I make it to my car, I’ve snapped pictures of random objects; a dandelion trapped between a curb and the concrete, the faded colors of blue sky against the deep green birch planters outside a storefront, the shape of two small stones toppled to the side of a car tire. Words to describe every vista twirl around in my mind regardless if I’m asleep or awake. Poetry takes over and sets up camp.

Seasons tree art

This is one of those times. Perhaps it is due to my poetry project, Colors. Having a series to build over the next six months is enough of a challenge to keep me going for a while. I supposed it makes sense my mind is absorbed in prose rather than dialogue for my novel. Though as seasons turn into new ones, this too shall pass, and I will be back to creating fictional stories.

For now, please follow me as a poet at My series is Colors, and it’s the cost of one latte a month to subscribe (my 80% kickback is being donated to Mary’s Place, protectors of homeless children and families, through Channillo Charities). Plus, you can follow other writers in all genres. It’s a win-win!


Writing Advice: Snap!

Snap some random pictures of anything that catches your eye. Later, go back and really look at them. Notice anything and everything about the subject matter. Google or research the names of the flowers or style of architecture. Find out the brand of tire that left the mark on the concrete. Whatever details might take you further in your investigation of the pictures before you. Let the words stir inside for a while before brainstorming or having what I like to call a “word splash.” Just let everything you notice with all the information you’ve discovered pour out all over the paper (or computer screen). Now, turn your word splash into a poem. Voila! Something inspired by a simple picture, that may have been overlooked, you’ve now captured forever.

Image Links: (Seasons of tree art) (tree reflected) (camera art)

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  1. I love what you are doing here. It’s funny because I had a collection of poems on Channillo called Fabric, but it didn’t work out for me, probably because I didn’t put enough into the whole project. You’ve got a grand start. I’m proud of you and excited to see your success going forward.

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  2. Hello Celaine, I have enjoyed reading your words here, I particularly love Nightfall, Rainy Day Vengeance, and the Sand Crab Haiku. Thank you for the idea of snapping random photo’s, I am going to do this.

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  1. Happy One Year Anniversary WRITERS! – Steps In Between

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