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September Poetry Begins Its Fall ~ First Sunday of the Month


Technically it’s still summer until the middle of the month. But there’s something about September that puts me in the mood for warm cider by the fireplace, football games, and crockpot dinners.

Seventh month Roman September

The name September comes from the Latin root, septem- meaning seven. I read in that in the original Roman republican calendar, September was the seventh month of a ten-month year until perhaps 153 BC. Of course, today it’s the ninth month and represents the end of summer, the start of school, and the beginning of Autumn (in the Northern Hemisphere).

It doesn’t seem to matter that the sun continues seeking her audience, or that I still carry a natural sun-kissed glow in my skin tone. Once the calendar turns to September, it’s Fall. There’s a feeling in the air that brushes against my shoulder, forcing me to notice the change in season.

blue sky fall leaves

Warm colors begin touching tree limbs, contrasting to make the blue sky bluer, falling to fading grass, revealing deep brown hues in bark and branches, otherwise hidden from the light. This is when my stirrings to write poetry journeys down a new path. I start to pull on sweaters and feel my hair tug in cooler winds. Words start to sizzle in my chest, as if they’ve been settled for too long, waiting for a turn to play. I’m sure it’s all subconscious with the calendar, but why not fall into Time’s net and embrace the emotions. Why wouldn’t we all accept this gift to renew our inspirations to write?


As always, being the first Sunday of a new month, I invite you to visit my poetry page, Wednesday Whims of Poetry:

It’s where I add a new poem every Wednesday to stretch and show my range. Much of my work is free verse, but I also enjoy challenging myself with forms such as Haiku, Tanka, or iambic, even playing around with iambic tetrameter and pentameters. Writing poetry inspired from photo challenges is also especially fun for me. I can’t walk across the street with out stopping to take a picture of something. Usually nature enthuses me, but so do interesting people, history, memories, and family. I guess I write about anything and everything.

So, in honor of this new month and season, consider giving my Wednesday Whims of Poetry page a peek. You won’t find a lot of fallish poetry just yet, but perhaps an opportunity to say adieu to summer. Just scroll down over the mess of “Table of Contents” as I’m still ignoring the tech-glitch that won’t allow me to add any more poem titles without losing all the line breaks in the existing poetry. I’ve currently fixed the line breaks but am not adding anymore new titles to the list – however I am still adding new poems EVERY Wednesday. So, scroll down and read to your heart’s content.

Colors celaine charles book cover Orange name2-01

In addition, as many of my supporters know, I have a poetry series on called, “Colors.” I encourage you to subscribe and follow me:

I write about how colors influence my life, or how life influences colors in my world… but if you subscribe you not only have access to my poetry, but to the writing of hundreds of other authors in every possible genre. The best part, all the proceeds I make from Channillo (from you subscribing) I donate to Mary’s Place. It’s a Seattle based organization for families and children facing homelessness. I know not all my followers are from Seattle. But, as a Seattle author, I want to give back in my hometown. Also, I think giving anywhere helps in its own little “one-step-at-a-time” way. Maybe supporting an author you like and knowing she’s trying her best to support others, regardless of where they are, is a good thing. Well, whatever you decide, thank you for supporting me here. I appreciate each and every one of you.

~By Celaine Charles, September 2, 2018

photo cartoon pic 2

Some Side-Notes:


  • You will want to friend request me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or continue checking back here regularly, as I will be sharing a November Gratitude month of gifts and prizes. I want to celebrate all of YOU but will only get to choose one each week! Make sure you are included in these fun weekly events. More information to come soon. 😊
  • Since my aim on the first Sunday of every month is to focus on my poetry page, I won’t be including writer’s advice at the bottom (as I do in other posts). You will continue to find writing advice sections in all other Sunday posts. Thanks!

Image and Content Links: (Dictionary) (My “Colors” poetry series on (Wednesday Whims of Poetry page on Steps in Between— my writing journey website) (September leaves trickling) (Roman September) (blue skies fall leaves) (side note)

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  1. My heart needed this today. I’ve been fighting a person struggle, a kind of grieving period. Your words offer light. Thank you.

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