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Inspiration in Waves

waves giant abstract painted

Sometimes I feel at the will of my inspiration. Could it be that this abstract part of me is more in control than originally thought? It’s my creative side that links itself to motivation. It’s my motivation that gets things done. But it’s the reality of those finished works (and sometimes unfinished) that seem to define me. Or do they? I think, in all honestly, I allow myself to be controlled by my outcomes instead of my progress.

And I know better.

waves choppy

I’m starting to see the wave of inspiration as exactly that – a wave. It moves up and down, never constant. But in that same depiction of uncertainty comes consistency; and that’s something I can count on.

Are you riding a similar wave? One day you’re feeling flat and stagnant, wondering if you should float away from it all. The next moment, a wave rises and crests, thrusting you in a new direction. Salty foam swirls, and for me, I feel free. I’m high on interest and ideas and opportunities. Motivation to create; awakened.

wave with bird art

Inspiration always returns. I guess we have to remind ourselves of that, even if at times we can’t see our hands in front of our faces. I can think of a few clichés… when one door closes, another one opens. We take one step forward and two steps back. But more important is the consistency I spoke of before. Sticking to the flow of creativity matters. Being flexible enough to bend with the windy seasons, imperative.

waves fantasy

And something else; faith. Religious faith is one thing… I’m not here to preach and I have respect for whatever your beliefs are. Yet, there is a similar thread in the meaning of that word that weaves itself through all realms of life, including the creative one. We have to believe that closed doors and slumps in our work somehow lead to upswings and successes. We must learn something from these experiences because the currents always change. How else do we keep our flames ignited? Belief in that alone keeps me moving in the right direction.

waves soft

Sometimes I find myself measuring my success against my completed projects. But truly, it’s the progress I make in any of the work I do that is important. I can’t experience those completed projects without each catastrophe leading up to them. Thus, all my experiences have brought me to where I am today.

wave with sunlight

Waves of inspiration, motivation, and creativity makes for a wild ride. Successes and failures are intermittently dependent on each other, and that’s okay. Just recognize the motion and keep writing.

waves abstract oil painting

Writing Advice: A Different Angle

Take a poem or introduction to a story you are writing, maybe one paragraph, or an entire scene. Now, write it from a different viewpoint; a different character, a new voice, or switch in style. Try writing it in first person (if the original work is in third person) or vice-versa. Does it help you to see it from another angle? I discover new angles in my writing when I do that. If anything, it will awaken your creativity and hopefully get the juices flowing in your writing. Sorry, I can’t seem to stop the clichés now.

By Celaine Charles, September 23, 2018

photo cartoon pic 2

Image Links: (sunlight through waves) (choppy waves) (abstract waves oil) (fantasy waves) (soft waves) (one giant abstract wave) (wave with bird art)

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  1. Thank you, Celaine. I am still struggling, and it’s always a good tug on the heart to see your posts.

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