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November Leaves Me ~ A Poetry Celebration


I think November may be the shortest month in the year. I know this isn’t true technically, but for me, it feels that way mentally, emotionally, even physically. I blame the inspiration that sparks with the coming of fall. My day-job as a teacher starts up, and so of course motivation to work on all my other writing endeavors fights for attention. Busy doesn’t begin to describe…

November arrives, beckoning consideration beyond the work I need to complete. It’s time to adjust my pace and be grateful for simpler things. The most important things like family, friends, a comfy bed in which to snuggle down and read a good book.

And it’s the first Sunday of the month where I celebrate my Wednesday Whims of Poetry page:

It will all be over too soon. November knows me well as the insomniac that I am. This month comes and goes at such a stride, it ends in a flash of russet reds and muted browns. I get a tiny gift of rest. I receive the slower, darker days (of Daylight Savings) to ponder… and then I’m awake for December’s gift of festivities.

Alas, the eleventh month may be short, I will take it to reflect and be grateful for all that I have. I hope it finds you and yours well.

Happy November, my friends.


November Leaves Me


November leaves me as it begins,

The thinner air already mourns the loss of leaves,

by now like amber snow

shoveled and raked into piles

to be discarded.


November leaves me as it begins,

my garden still, already vacant for the night,

by now like hardened stone,

once a harvest, only soon

to be ignored.


November leaves me as it begins,

earthly shades of autumn, already tucked away,

by now the bones of memory,

barren in the winter wait

to be remembered.


By Celaine Charles, November 4, 2018

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  1. Your November poem is so wonderful, Celaine!

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