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Creativity and Age – Inspiration from Author, Priscilla Long

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Inspiration rolls in waves at various times in a person’s life. But, is there a peak age inspiration strikes? Can you miss it? Author Priscilla Long doesn’t believe so. She gave a talk on aging and creativity at the Elliott Bay Bookstore in Seattle on Saturday, October 27, 2018. The event was in honor of the second edition release of her book, The Writer’s Portable Mentor (University of New Mexico Press). I couldn’t view her talk in person and am grateful for the video (posted below):

I believe people of all ages would benefit from Priscilla’s wisdom and should set aside the 52.32 minutes needed to watch her video in full. It’s directed to all creators, but what I especially like is her view of creativity in a broad sense, with diverse examples. Therefore, I feel it applies to all people of all ages.

We are all creators in our own way, adding something to the world in which we walk. While we are unsure for how long, we are here now for either the long or short of it. And we may as well become the full person we were meant to be.

Age and Creating quote C.S.Lewis

I am not about to review or summarize Priscilla’s message. She speaks for herself and does it brilliantly. She delivers her message with spunk and ease (and as she learned after the fact, a broken ankle). Give it a listen and check out her website:

age and creativity Priscilla Long

Priscilla Long’s Website:

The gems of inspiration I caught were vast. She takes this curious topic to every extreme and gets the mind ticking with research and evidence to support. I am suddenly less afraid to age in my creative endeavors… the ones continuing to define me, and the beauty I hope to leave this world.

Happy creating friends!

age and creating book Priscilla Long sec edition

Writing Advice: Listen and Be Inspired

I usually write tips or advice for writers at the end of every post. Today, however, I am urging you to view the video above and just see how much richer your writing becomes.

Priscella’s book, The Writer’s Portable Mentor, second edition (University of New Mexico Press) is on its way to me. I have read that it’s been used by writers and teachers alike, and I can’t wait to own my own copy. I hope you pick one up as well. We could all use a little portable mentoring, don’t you agree?

By Celaine Charles, November 11, 2018 (Happy Veteran’s Day)

Image and Contact Links: (Priscilla Long’s Talk on Aging and Creativity: Against Ageism/For Creativity) (The Writer’s Portable Mentor, By Priscilla Long, Second Edition) (Priscilla Long’s Website) (C.S. Lewis quote) (photo, Priscilla Long) (clock face profile)


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  1. Thanks for bringing this to us. I agree entirely with her point of view.

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