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Revel in Spring Writing

Spring’s relief; we can throw up our windows and sweep out the floors. In writing terms, we can clean out all those old projects and let the light touch them once again. I see it as a Revel, with fairies stirring up all kinds of dust, yet only reminding us of what we already have.

* Enjoy these lovely fairy pictures from Cicely Mary Barker throughout my post today *

As captivated as I am in my novel rewrite, I also like delighting in the first days of spring warmth and sunshine. There’s a seasonal difference between sunny days: Summer sun feels expected and jubilant. Fall sun, gripped and appreciated, lamented. Winter sun, nature’s exquisite gift to open after long dark days. And Spring sun? I rejoice with gladness. I take a few extra moments to sing and smile and dance.

Skipping that moment to celebrate all the ideas that have pumped from my heart to the page, be that some of them are locked away in files and journals; NO WAY!

Instead, I will skip through the gardens of popping up buds, of tightly bound bundles touching each branch of willow and birch. I will stop and admire each purple light of hyacinth and golden glare of daffodil breaching the cold cracked earth below. Let earth’s light shine on the seeds of creativity bound in my head and file cabinets and hard drives. Reminisce what at one time I thought only about.

I invite my readers to join me in the merrymaking. Feel no guilt in unfinished work or progress. We are breathing life back into them, rather than frowning at the vastness of them.

Let’s allow Spring’s promise to warmer weather also bring us new opportunities (with a few oldies in the closet). Revel in the possibilities of what you already have and simply look upon them with optimism. If you read my post from last week,, then you may have already dug them up. They are not only waiting for your attention, but also your gratitude and remembrance.

Here’s a bouquet of hopefulness in all your warm day endeavors.

Writing Advice: Breathing Light Into Your Works

I suppose having all your projects staring at you might create a bit of stress while you’re hardily working on one. However, try to think of it all as a celebration. As mentioned above, in my post from last week, I took a good look at everything I’m working on, and then delved into my novel rewrite. That’s where my heart and soul was (and is) at the moment. It doesn’t negate the good from these projects on hold. This morning when I woke to the sun gleaming through my window, I knew there was no reason to feel overwhelmed. Time has a funny way of reminding us to live.

In honor of the new Spring ahead, I urge you to take some extra daylight (since we have that now) and find three wonderful, encouraging, hopeful comments about each of your projects.

Here’s my list:

Seam Keepers: My fantasy novel I’m currently in love with and rewriting; it’s character-driven, a refreshing concept (as stories have all been told, but here’s a new way to look at one), strength

Dream Keepers: Book two to Seam Keepers; cleverly hopeful, continuation of character development, dreamy

Internal Keepers: Book three to Seam Keepers; a new direction, action from the inside out, adventurous

Colors: Poetry chapbook with a collection from my Colors Series on; a few of my favorite color poems selected, hopeful and thoughtful, eager to publish this when I can

Trinkets and Time Travel: New poetry series/chapbook already in the works (Channillo is waiting for it); reminiscent of my unique and beautiful childhood, nostalgic, love

Strawberry Story: memoir, poetry, child-like wonder, Enchanting fairy tale, edgy, unique

A new fairy tale: edgy, unexpected but classic, acceptance

And the list could go on or in or out or in any direction it leans towards. I hope this day finds you appreciating all the work you’ve done in the past, regardless of the state it’s in today. Breathe and smile and celebrate; it’s Spring!

~ By Celaine Charles, March 31, 2019

Image and Content Links: (Steps in Between post from last week about deciding your writing focus) (all the fairy pictures are from Cicely Mary Barker)

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4 replies

  1. I was sitting here completely overwhelmed by all the changes needed to my dissertation, and wanting so much to quit, when you helped me with these words: “Feel no guilt in unfinished work or progress. We are breathing life back into them, rather than frowning at the vastness of them.”

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    • I’m so glad. I allow myself to become overwhelmed so easily. I need these reminders for myself; one step at a time. Just one. And I have to remind myself of how far I’ve come as well. I suppose the images of these little wondering fairies helps too. It’s like they’re saying, “Celebrate what you’ve already accomplished. It will only fill you with what you need to move on.” Well… something like that. Ha Ha! 😊💕


  2. This is such an invigorating read. I want to clean and write and skip around a little…

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