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April Poetry Surprises & Good News

april poetry mo find your words

Art by John Kilduff

Surprising poetry inspiration first, with a little GOOD NEWS in the end… Read on!

It’s the first Sunday of a new month, and that means celebrating poetry:

The irony? My need… task… burden… joy… every tiny piece of my heart… needed to complete my novel rewrite has replaced my inspiration to write poetry. How did I solve this dilemma when posting new poems each week to my poetry page, “Wednesday Whims of Poetry?”

I used my novel rewrite as inspiration. And why not?

april poetry mo write where you are

Art by Matthew Weatherstone

Flowing words are flowing words. Instead of lamenting my loss of poetic inspiration, I challenged myself right where I sat. One evening, I wrote about my writing desk. The idea inspired by my poetry guru, “When you feel stuck, look around, observe what’s right next to you and write about it.” So, I did.

Another night, I chose a paragraph I had just completed in my rewrite and wrote out every verb in the order it appeared on the page. Then I concluded the list with a piece of dialogue. Voila – I loved it! I continued this practice by creating a poem using adjectives and descriptive phrases from another paragraph in my story. It all culminated with chocolate and wine, of course. Read on in my last month of Wednesday poems, the theme of writing weaves through all of them.

I had no need to look far, I wrote right where I sat. In a way, I recycled my words… and it felt good knowing that poetry is always close by.

My Poetry page:

april poetry mo rose colored glasses

Side-note: WordPress has updated something (@$#!) and every line break in every poem posted these last two years has been removed. UGH! However, I am wearing my rose-tinted glasses right now and am choosing to ignore this minor (major) setback. Hopefully, if I’ve written well enough, you can feel where those line breaks should be. With this rewrite and deadline with my editor, I am sure I won’t get to fixing them until much later. My sincere apologies…

Now for some GOOD NEWS!

Just when I was tricking myself into finding poetry inspiration hidden amidst my other writing projects, I received an email announcing good news. A poem I published last year with Dime Show Review has been selected for print publication in their Journal #5, Volume 3, Issue 1, later this month!

april poetry mo Dime show review

The poem, entitled, The Secret to Life (From the Back of my Mind), is very special to me. It wraps up feelings from when I was a little girl on my grandma’s farm, her buttercups and hanging laundry, in contrast with the nagging pulls of obligations today. To hear those songs again…

The book will be out later this month, and I will add a link for your support. I’ve published several poems through on-line presses, and even won awards for my on-line poetry series, Colors, on This is my first success in print! And, I’m over the moon. I hope you will consider buying this journal. Other inspiring poetry, fiction, essays, and ten-word stories will fill the pages, I’m sure. I can’t wait to explore them all.

Thank you, Kae Sable, Managing Editor for Dime Show Review. And as always, thank you readers for all your support and encouragement.

Writing Life (A Haiku)

sneaky words find ways

from humdrum to poetry

when you look for them


~ By Celaine Charles, April 7, 2019

photo cartoon pic 2

Image and Content Links: (My Wednesday Whims of Poetry page, Celaine Charles) (Outside Looking In, art by Matthew Weatherstone) (Words by John Kilduff) (I am adding this amazing writing website I found when tracing back the artist for the piece, Outside Looking In). Check it out for all kinds of writing support.;jsessionid=90F8065EFD500413E8BD288A97173386 (Rose-tinted glasses) (Dime Show Review website) (typewriter image with link to video – check it out) (My Channillo series, Colors)

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