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May Days Made for Poetry

may poetry floral bouquet

I hope to find you as relieved as I am in the warming of Spring, and as well, you are reveling in its reboot.

First Sunday of the Month Poetry Celebration:

The month of April brought new hope, although for me, it accompanied a million things to tackle all at once. I’m not sure how I tend to forget the busyness of spring time. As a teacher, the end of the school year finds its way without ample time to feel accomplished. That feeling of things winding down when we’ve only just begun strangulates. And then it’s a fast-track to let go for the summer and relax…

I am laughing aloud as my fingers type across the keyboard… there is no relaxing for a teacher or a writer.

Poetry is something that ebbs and flows in my life, always uncontrollably. As of late, I’m mostly focused on my novel, and with my Colors Series concluded, poetry has been on an ebb. I find words and phrases in their pull back to the sea, yet I’m missing that constant flow to create.

May poetry 2019 out my window

This is a picture right outside my car window… beauty reminding me to breathe, to appreciate, to continue on.

But May!

It truly is a month of breath-taking. I look out my window at a stoplight, and the beauty of it feeds my creative yearn. My sunglasses have become rosy again. Even now, as I sit at my writing desk, the window open to the right, there’s a soft breeze pushing the leaves in their spring dance. They twiddle, excitedly green on their branches, unknowingly rekindling my soul.

I breathe in my gratitude and begin to formulate new words and phrases into something more. It brings me great joy to become inspired once again.

So please, visit my poetry site:

May poetry 2019 Maia-Godess

May’s Way


May has her way,

always gifting;


selflessly sustaining

foundations built,

though long abandoned—


adorning hopeful



~ By Celaine Charles, May 5, 2019

photo cartoon pic 2

Image & Content Links: (Maia, Greek goddess of fertility) (floral bouquet) (Wednesday Whims of Poetry, Steps in Between)

Spring out my car window – my iPhone 😊

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