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Grumpy Writing

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I’m in the heat of it now. The mantle-sludge of revisions sucking me closer to the core. Deadlines loom, clocks tick, and crankiness overwhelms.

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The excitement of publishing drives me onward, but not without the glumness of the work still needed. It could be the black hole of revision that pulls me in. I sometimes wonder if I revise a scene over and over until it’s back to its original form.

Every time I feel my work is close to finish, I read through in hopes of editing only a few overlooked mishaps. Expectedly, I find these, as writing involves reading with different eyes at different times. However, I always seem to find a trail. I digress farther away from any kind of finish line; always fixing this and that. And there’s always the layering of ideas I weave through, to enhance my plot, only to cut them again due to word count.

Grumpy Writing the-end

It’s an endless task that must ultimately come to an end, whether it makes me grumpy or not. I’m sure other writers feel this way. At least, I hope I’m not the only one. I love writing, but that also means I accept the hard-work side of this craft. So, kicking and screaming, I will write until the end.

Grumpy Writing JUST_DO_IT._(NIKE)

Writing Advice: Just Do It (sorry Nike, but it works for writing too)

You have a million things to do, like I have a million things to do. And you will get to them all, just as I will (eventually). We must simply remember to make time for our writing; however we can sneak it in. I promise to return in another post with more substantial writing advice— but right now, as you read above, my deadlines approach. Even with laundry piling inside to wash and fold, and birdsong calling me outside to play, I will write.

I know of no other way to get the job done, other than to “just do it!”

~ By Celaine Charles, April 28, 2019

Image and Content Links: (Nike Just Do It) (Earth’s Mantle) (Go Away, I’m Writing) (The End?) Also, an excellent article on editing your book. I recommend reading it😊

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  1. If I could sit with you, I might actually get my dissertation revised and edited.

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