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Color Guard Haiku

bird of paradise

A short and sweet Sunday post today. Summer is that time of year where schedules get highjacked for either fun vacation-y reasons, or even lazy lounging ones. I am leaving on vacation in a few short days, but I also have some exciting news to share. Therefore, this post will be a little different than usual. Don’t worry, there is still some quick writing advice at the bottom. So, take a peek!

Finally, it’s happening! I have selected poetry from my award-winning series, Colors, on Channillo to create a chapbook, available for purchase the end of this summer. Included in my debut book, Colors Collected, is thirty-one poems from my series, plus several new pieces written especially for the book. I will release my official launch date soon!

As I await this colorful surprise, I will leave you with some color-inspired haiku. Each one stirred by the beauty that surrounds me, nature—always my favorite muse. There are no haiku in Colors Collected, but I couldn’t resist. Awaiting the publisher’s call is all I can do…unless it’s packing for my trip. 😊

Color Guard Haiku



Careful watchman waits

Stands ready and relishes

Hopeful arrival



Tales yet to be told

They gather with the wise one

Hold back giddy glee



Layered eagerness

Patience flees in long waiting

Joy erupts within



She folds for no one

Weathering each storm to come

Open arms await



Paper petals drawn

His eye awaits the artist




Springing from broad limbs

Leaves and needles shimmering

Hold tight for good news



Fluttery bunches

Like butterflies seizing flight

Rustle with the wind



Petals limp in wait

Saturated emotion

Head hangs in longing



Lavender whispers

Of upcoming poetry

Let word travel fast



Drunk with a purpose

Sentinel stands over time

Perfectly perfect

beige 2 smaller size


From beyond the grave

Empty veins exposed to sun

Solemnly waiting



Promises scattered

Bendy branch blossoms lean in

Listening for truth



Uprooted yearning

Begs for the day to arrive

Impulsive waiting

As you can see, my surroundings are as eager as I am in wait of this new book! It should be ready by the end of summer, a perfect way to tuck a little color in your pocket for the change of season. I hope you will find it as lovely as I do. Happy Summer vacation or lazy resting…in July, it’s all good.

new location to write

Quick Writing Advice: Change Your Location

I’ve posted before about the importance of having a place to write. Decide wherever that is and sit yourself down in that spot every day. Do this until your body goes into autopilot. Even when you’re not feeling motivated or inspired, your body will remember what it’s doing there and usually, you can get something on the page. This is a routine I practice regularly, and it’s saved me many a slow night.

However, sometimes, especially on lovely summer days, it’s not a bad idea for a change of scenery. It can do wonders for inspiration. Today I spent some time at a shady picnic table. I left refreshed and with a new sense of purpose. Give it a try, in any weather or season.

Need a little inspiration? Change your location.

~Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles, July 28, 2019

photo cartoon pic 2

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All haiku photos from my iPhone 🙂 (Colors Poetry Series on (Channillo site)



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  1. Congrats on the book, Celaine.

    Neil Scheinin

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  2. Well done on the book – I like your writing advice too 🙂

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  3. Congratulations on your book. Love the brilliant colors of nature in your haiku!

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    Wonderful poetry by a talented writer.

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  5. I love these poems. Thank you for sharing.

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