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August Instincts ~ Poetry Fun

August Poetry Month 2019

Art by Stacie Jean Albano, links to her amazing work at the bottom.

The first Sunday of every month is a poetry celebration here at Steps In Between. In fact, later this month, I will continue the party by adding another round of poems to my Poetry Friends page. This will be the third edition, as it inspires me to surround myself with greatness. I am eager to introduce some new artists and new pieces coming soon.

For now, as always on the first Sunday of every month, I invite you to visit my personal poetry page, Wednesday Whims of Poetry. As you know, this is where I challenge myself to write a new poem each week (regardless of how I feel). I guess you could say I write based on instinct, rarely following a rhyme and only sometimes a reason. Two years of Wednesday poems are posted and available for viewing, although I laughed reading back over this latest month’s worth. For some months, an unplanned theme tends to evolve, but not for July. Summertime brain has me all over the place. I do hope you enjoy them though.

great blue heron

Blue Heron, Secret Keeper was a poem that came to me after viewing some beach pictures from my friend, Joan. As an artist, she has an eye for beauty in nature. I couldn’t resist the urge to write about a heron she posted on her sight (with her permission, of course). Interestingly, my first attempt became one of silliness and fun. But later, after letting it sit a while, I realized it was a more serious poem. I did some revising, and now it feels just right.

broccolini bouquet

Broccolini was a desperate poem because I had NOTHING, and it was a Wednesday night. Making dinner, I picked up the broccolini and remembered the wise advice from my personal Poetry Guru. He always says when you don’t know what to write about, look at what’s in front of you and write about that. So I did.


Sweeping The Kitchen Floor was inspired by the first and only chipmunk I’ve seen in my yard for ages. It’s most always squirrels, but not this time. I love the flow of this poem. As each line progresses, everything is fine and dandy until my husband walks in the room…you’ll have to read it to find out why.


Beloved Foxglove came to me after a walk at a little local lake with my husband. I also enjoyed doing a little “foxglove” research into some old legends and myths. Very interesting, for example, do not pick foxglove and bring it into your house. The bouquet will not be worth it! You’ll just have to trust me on this one. These beauties are best left to their sentinel job for the Fair Folk.

august poetry month tech issues 2019

A final word about my poetry page, Wednesday Whims of Poetry. Please forgive the tech issues that are still present. When I used the advice from WordPress to fix the problem of missing line breaks, then another batch of poems lost their line breaks. I’ve decided to stop fiddling with it. At some point I will have to deal with these issues…but not in August.

Wednesday Whims of Poetry:

Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles, August 4, 2019

photo cartoon pic 2

Image and Content Credit Links: (first picture) (Stacie Jean Albano) (tech issues) (Wednesday Whims of Poetry)

All other photos are from my iPhone, except the beautiful blue heron, by J. Granger, with permission. 😊


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  1. I like these and the advice of writing about what’s in front of you…

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