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Happy Two Years, Writers!

Two Years

Steps In Between is celebrating two years! This number may not sound as impressive as twelve or twenty, but to say I’ve posted 208 times is a huge accomplishment (personally). I’ve posted writing-journey articles every Sunday, and I’ve shared a poem to my Wednesday Whims of Poetry page every Wednesday for the last two years. That’s 104 articles and 104 poems!

Two Years 2

In addition, I’m thrilled and amazed (and exhausted) yet filled with gratitude that I now have 210 followers. That number is surely small in the social media platform world, but I’m just little ole me keeping it real here in Seattle. I don’t want to bombard anyone with annoying emails and impersonal posts. I like the intimacy my tiny following has created; writers and poets collaborating on the ups and downs of our writing journeys.

Each year I like the idea of beginning something new. Last year I decided to share more personal pieces of myself with my readers. This new year ahead I would like to share some writing and blogging friends. There is a wealth of knowledge and support from other creators. And I will introduce them this coming year, along with continued tidbits from my own journey’s mishaps and celebrations. I will also continue to share writing advice as I can. This section is usually found at the bottom of my posts, except for the first Sunday of every month. For these, I highlight my Wednesday Whims of Poetry page.

Two Years 3

What’s coming in year three?

  • Interviews! I will be interviewing writers and creators in hopes to share some of their positive energy. What makes them tick? How do they approach their days of writing? How can we learn from them?
  • ReBlogging! When I come across those stories that are already best told, there is no need for me to recreate the wheel. I will share them with you.
  • Continued additions to my “Poetry Friends” page each season. I love sharing this page, as I feel surrounded by great artists. They inspire me to grow and I hope I can share and inspire others.
  • And hopefully (fingers crossed), an updated poetry page, or even updated website. I’m still trying to find a better way to share my poems each Wednesday, that doesn’t involve scrolling down for miles. I would also like a table of contents for my Sunday posts. It may be as simple as a new theme on WordPress, or a whole new site. But a goal this year is to figure that all out. Wish me luck!

Surely there will be more for my readers to enjoy, but along with what I’ve already created over the last two years, I want to continue growing and improving my craft. Thank you for staying on this journey with me. I look forward to what comes in this third year of public writing.

Two Years 4

Writing Words of Advice: Keep Trudging Along

No matter how slow you think your craft is developing or how far away you feel from your goals, keep trudging along. I’ve hit (and continue plowing into) walls and obstacles that interfere with my goals in writing. Some are from the writing world, including queries, critiques, marketing, etc., while others come from outside the writing world, like health issues, life pressures, time. And even though I will hate having to come back to my own advice someday soon, as we all go through rejections and bad times, every single one of us desperately needs to hear encouraging words to persevere.

Here is a GREAT article with eighteen quotes to encourage writers, by Roshane De Silva:

Image and Content Links: (post from Roshane De Silva) (Two Years and Counting) (Thank You) (What’s New?) (Perseverance)




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  1. You encourage me more than just about anyone… thank you.

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