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September Slips into October ~ Poetry Celebration

September Sunset 2019 (Wednesday Whims of Poetry)

September sunsets strike my soul, but not because the other months lack in opportunity to produce gorgeous sunsets. Rather, I believe it’s the heart’s way of gathering warm hues before the season shifts and Summer’s gone. A quiet way to remember the gifts of frolic and abandon. Gratefulness for the extra hours of daylight; our touché to time.

This year, instead of sadness and mourning, I want to slip into October like a warm sweater. I want the cooler shades of gray to feel like neatly knitted strings of angora. I want to savor all that fall has to bestow on my open and welcoming soul.

As always for Steps In Between, the first Sunday of each month is a time to acknowledge and celebrate poetry. My Wednesday Whims of Poetry page is ready and waiting for hungry eyes, eager to share in the goodness of shifting seasons.

Here are the newest titles to my collection (I hope you enjoy):

  • Slipping into October
  • Owl Waits
  • Creamsicle Sky
  • Whisk me Away Blue Sky
  • Summer Fox

Welcome home October, a humble thank you to September many treasures.


Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles, October 6, 2019

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Sunset photo from my iPhone (Seattle, September 2019)



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